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Christmas Eve: December 24th Christmas Day: December 25th!! Kids go back to school: January 4th

Monday, December 27, 2010

Potty Training once again

Well its that time when I am sick and tired of changing DIAPERS! It's time to start potty training Brinlee and we will then be done with diapers...woo hoo! She has not wanted to sit on the potty, she screams and throws a fit, nothing like the twins who were interested. I thought she would since she sees them use the potty all them time.

We are going to start today, it will be a huge shock for her and a very long and traumatic week for me. Bring on the alcoholic beverages to get me through LOL! I have to take her to the pedi for an appt, then home to say 'bye' to the diapers and put on big girl panties and start the running to the potty, wetting and messing up the panties until we get it. Of course because of my wonderful couponing skills and stockpiling I am stocked on cleaning supplies for the floor. I'm sure I will need it. At least it's only 1 this time and not twins. I don't know how I did it 2 yrs ago?!?

I will try to keep you updated on how it's going and when we are fully potty trained! I can't wait, can you tell?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Well it's Christmas Eve morning and I'm wide away at 5:45am!! Why? Who knows. Everyone is sound asleep and here I sit. So I figured I would do a blog entry. It has been a rough week but I am hoping today the kids will be good for Santa to return tonight with their gifts. We are going to track Santa on NORAD, which I have already been doing! Also on my phone too! We are going to make sure we set out cookies and milk for Santa, head up to my parents for an early dinner, then go to Christmas mass at church, back up to my parents to open gifts there. After that we will all head back home to sleep at our house, put out cookies, say farewell to Murry, our new adopted elf that will watch over us next year and report to Santa himself. Then off to bed for the little ones.

We will then work our 'elfy magic' to help Santa put out gifts, and put a few together. Which reminds me we better go get some much needed batteries and garbage bags! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends. I do miss my family up north and can not wait to see everyone next year when we visit. I also miss performing in the Nutcracker too! I watched a 2000 video last night and felt 'CFB homesick.' Well time for family now and can't wait to see the kids faces tonight and tomorrow!! I am very blessed with the family that I have, even when I complain that they are bad.

With much love, have a wonderful Christmas!!
Picture/video will come soon!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Formal Christmas Pictures

Well not the best family Christmas picture but it will do. It was very cold this day and we took pictures really fast!! Michelle is great at getting the kids to smile and takes amazing pictures. Thank you Michelle for getting the pictures that you did in such a short amount of time, what like 5min!!

Brinlee was sick and freezing, so was Bella (that's why she is hunched over.) Brinlee would not take a picture with the twins, her poor lips were turning blue and she was shivering so bad!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pictures with Santa!!

Today wen ventured out to get pictures taken with Santa like we do every year at Downtown Disney. I wasn't sure how well it was going to go, one the weather was iffy, and the kids were in a mood, but we went anyway. The line was short, surprisingly! Brinlee starts crying once she see's Santa around the corner and my heart sunk but said to myself 'Oh well she's taking a picture anyway!'

Santa was very nice and talked to Brinlee first while I held her. She told him what she wanted...Minnie Mouse stuff. She did give him a 'high five.' (While giving her Brinlee face as usual) Quinn walked up to him and told him his name and what he wanted for Christmas...a bike. Quinn was very brave and did awesome!! Bella wanted Daddy to hold her, she was very frightened but told Santa her name and what she wanted too...a bike. We were able to get Brinlee's hands out of her mouth and her to smile big!!

After that Santa asked Bella if she would take a picture with him by herself so he could show Minnie Mouse. She wasn't too sure but she did it with flying colors!!

Quinn also took a picture with Santa by himself and looked so proud too!

Brinlee of course was not going to take another picture with Santa, she did the picture that she promised me...taking one picture with Santa and telling him what he wanted. Smart 2 yr old haha! Bella and Quinn did take a picture with Santa together, the neat thing about this is that when they were 6mo old they sat on the same side!! Here are the 2 pictures. Ok do you see a trend starting here once again? Yes I am going to get a picture of the 2 of them each year with Santa and on the same sides.
2006 - 5mo old
2010 - 4yrs old

12 Days of Christmas...Nanny Style

My Mom started a new tradition with the kids, it's the 12 days of Christmas and it's call the 'Hot & Cold Game.' They really like it, basically it goes like this. Nanny buys them little gifts for 12 days. She creates clues and puts them in the little tins in the 12 days of Christmas wreath that she made. Each day one of the twins opens the tin, we read them the clue of what the gift is and then they have to find it! We tell them if they are getting cold or hot when they near the gift, wherever it is hidden.

I will update this post with each day...enjoy looking!

On the first day of Christmas Nanny gave to us... Some really fun lights!


On the second day of Christmas Nanny gave to us... some really cool Christmas Socks!

On the third  day of Christmas Nanny gave to us.... yummy Skittles Santa candy.

On the fourth day of Christmas Nanny gave to us...A fun Christmas book!
Brinlee doing I have no idea what?!?
Quinn didn't want his picture taken, but the girls did!

On the fifth day of Christmas Nanny gave to us...some fun grabby things and a writing pad.

On the sixth day of Christmas Nanny gave to us...sock for entire week!

Quinn said, 'More socks?'

On the seventh day of Christmas Nanny gave to us...some huge bags of candy! (Mommy and Daddy keep out!) 

On the eighth day of Christmas Nanny gave to us... fun punching balloons!
(For some reason these pictures disappeared from my camera!)

On the ninth day of Christmas Nanny gave to us... a matchbox car to play with.

On the tenth day of Christmas Nanny gave to us... yummy cookies to eat!

On the eleventh day of Christmas Nanny gave to us...some more matchbox cars! Cool!

Brinlee was a little excited, this was her pose.

On the twelfth day of Christmas Nanny gave to us... a fun tool set, some diapers for my dolly and some blinged out dress up shoes!

LOVES her new shoes!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Keep Saving, Saving, Saving...

Yes I know I haven't posted on here in a long time! Better late than never, busy times here. Anyway had to share my wonderful savings today!! Are you ready? I had to go to Publix for a few things, mostly the BOGO and did extremely well, you gotta love those BOGO deals topped with coupons and then those that also have competitor coupons as well...A STEAL!

For everything you see in the picture, minus Bella and Brinlee my total was:
Without in store savings/BOGO/coupons total would have been: $99.62
Special Price Savings: $41.09
Vendor Coupons: $16.65
Store Coupons (Competitors coupon from Winn Dixie for $5 off $50 or more): $5
Total Savings: $62.74
I had a giftcard as a gift: $20
So my total OOP was: $16.87!! Still without the giftcard my OOP would have been only $36.87

My items in my cart were:
(* = Coupon, BOGO= BOGO offer, ^= Sale)
Hot Dog buns
2 Bic Lighters BOGO **
2 6pk Orville Popcorns BOGO **
2 Ritz Munchables BOGO **
1 Danimals yogurts *^
2 Ragu pasta sauces ^
2 Jimmy Deans Sausages BOGO *
19 Yoplait yogurts ^ ***
2 Chex Mix Cereals BOGO *
2 Lays Potato Chips BOGO
2 Crisco Oils BOGO **
2 Mulluers Pastas BOGO ***
4 2ltr Publix Sodas ^
2 Musclemanns Applesauces BOGO
2 Publix Sweet teas BOGO
1 head lettuce
2 Sunmaid Raisins ^ *
2 Fantastik Cleaners BOGO **

I want to thank my most amazing, talented, thoughtful boss, Jamie for the Publix giftcard, it was put to really good use!! If you want to know how to save like I did here, saving more than you spend, sign up for one of my Cre8tive Couponing classes or ask about holding a Cre8tive Couponing Party! Believe me it's worth it, don't believe me ask those that have taken my class, you can save more than you spend. My pantry and stockpile is STOCKED, I think I need another pantry to hold even more!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Tubes and speech Therapy

I wanted to update our family and friends on what has been going on with Quinn. Since he started talking I thought there was something different. He could never completely sound out words correctly. Some he could and some he couldn't. I know boys develop slower than girls so we waited. After talking to the pediatrician she suggested he see an ENT and get a Speech Evaluation done. After waiting forever to get an appointment we have some answers.

The outcome is after seeing an ENT specialist he was given medicine to try to clear out the fluid in his ears, which he didn't want to take at all. We went back for a re-check and his tympanogram (sp?) in his right here was flat line, and the left was just a hump. They are supposed to show a huge spike. Basically the way they explained it is that he hears things muffled as if he is under water but much thicker fluid, or when you are in an airplane. The ENT Dr. said that after 2mo the fluid in his ear should have gone away if it was just an ear infection, but with it being there still, and this test showing this it's not going away with any help. So he will have surgery on Nov. 11th to get tubes put in. We hope this will help as well as help his speech.

Quinn had to go twice for the speech evaluation. The first time showed that he was right where he needs to be, but the specialist in the articulation wasn't there so they wanted to bring him back to be screened again and more thorough since she couldn't understand him when trying to get him to talk in sentences. So we went back and the articulation test showed that is his below average for his age. She had to ask me, or look at me to see what he said. She was very good with him! His speech evaluation through the school board (ESE)shows that he is slurring his words and leaving off the endings. As well as the middle of the words not being correct. This could be due to his ears as well, she said that the tubes will help with therapy too! So we are waiting to hear about our meeting with the zoned school, and he will have speech therapy in addition to VPK. So another appt. to work into the week. At least we caught it early enough and with the tubes being put in we hope to see a HUGE improvement. (I'm hoping this will help the meltdowns we have too!) Other than that Quinn loves school! He goes there very shy but comes out with a smile ear to ear!!

I will keep you all posted on how the surgery goes and the speech therapy. We hope it all goes well!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sarah's 30th B-Day Minute to Win It Games

OK so here are the games we are going to attempt to play...If you are lucky enough to be reading this before the party, you can see what game you'd like to play. Alright got all the videos embedded. I can't wait to see if we can actually do these. Ready for a good time and laughs? You bet!!

*All of these games are from the NBC Minute To Win It Site*

Don't Blow the Joker

Keep It Up

Spoon Frog

Face the Cookie

Extreme Hanky Panky

Scary Cherry

Stack Attack

Johnny Applestack

Keep the Change

Tweeze Me

Bulb Balance

How's it Hangin'

Penny Hose

Suck it Up

Noodling Around

Separation Anxiety

Chocolate Unicorn

Dizzy Mummy

Movin' on Up

Elephant March

Nose Dive

What a Racquet

Office Dominoes*We will do this one with CD cases, 15-20 of them and a garbage can*

Caddy Stack


High Strung

Magic Carpet Ride


Stick the Landing

Rapid Fire

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Please help me win! I entered the Glade design a candle contest. Please help me WIN!! Follow the link and vote vote vote for my design. I called it 'Presence of Peace' definitely what I need around here some days. If I win they will make it for purchase in all stores. Woo Hoo!!
Please vote everyday, I need all I can get!


Monday, September 6, 2010

2 Days 2 Rooms

Yes in 2 days we painted 2 rooms and swapped the kids over. The girls got Quinn's room and Quinn got the girls rooms. Took 1 can of primer to cover everything in each room. I really didn't think we would accomplish this in 2 days, with most of the work today on Labor Day. Thanks to the help of our good friend Derby we got it almost all done. Our house is a complete mess again, but just because I have to put all the toys back into their rooms. At least the girls will have more room, and more closet space, it looks really cute.

We aren't done with the girls room yet we want to add crown molding above the stripes that we painted, but no money for that. In time that will come next. Quinn's room still needs specialty paintings on the walls by me and both rooms need the curtains yet. My mom should be finished with those this week.

Yes I do have pics, I will post them later this week when I'm not so exhausted! The twins came by today, they were staying at my parents house so we could get things done, but they stopped by to take a 'peek' at their rooms and seemed to really like them in the 'in progress' stage. It will be nice to see their faces tomorrow when they see them done, well 90% done.

OK better go finish organizing toys, and picking up so I don't trip over things in the morning and kill myself!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kids Update

A quick note, check out the kids school blog to follow their first time through VPK. I have scanned and posted the papers that they have brought home so far. They think it's neat to see them up on the blog. I am going to update what they do weekly, adding what they tell me that is new each day to a weekly post, but check it as often as you like. And when they bring home papers and projects I will add those too their 'Papers' pages.

Gotta think of something for Brinlee so she doesn't feel left out. Ok enough for tonight, I'm not feeling well and need to go get some rest. Enjoy their blog!

You can find it here: http://www.coneschooldays.blogspot.com

Friday, August 27, 2010

Follow the Twins at School

Ok yes going to track their progress! The kids have their own blog for School! I have posted everything they have done each day for their first week. I will update either everyday, weekly or very important stuff. It's currently in the works as far as layout so you will see change on it. However the posts are already up!

They can't wait to see your comments!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

School: First Day!

The morning was rough I think for all but all-in-all the twins first day of school went very well. Some small tears were shed but hey that's normal. After getting home with the twins they seemed to relax and tell me what they did at school. I know throughout the year we will have many stories to hear from them! Not too much time to do a lot for 3hrs at school. I think the day was new, exciting, and overwhelming for them.

Here is the video....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Day of School

The twins embark on a new adventure tomorrow morning...their First Day of School. They are very excited, but I'm starting to get nervous, yes it's only 3hrs but I know those 3hrs will feel like days! Hello! We have 2 starting at the same time not just one!! I know they will do fine, not sure how I will do. I will take some pictures and post sometime tomorrow as well as what they said they did for the day. So be on the look out for more posts from me (I know I have been slacking). Anyway here is a poem for Quinn and Bella tomorrow for their First Day of School!!

First Day of School: Parent to Child
I gave you a kiss and smile
As you left my arms today,
For I know how hard it is to leave
And know that at school you must stay.
You've been with me for 4 yrs now
And I have been your only guide,
But now, alas, the time has come
To leave you at your teachers' side.
I know that as I drive away
And tears down my cheeks will flow
Your teacher will love you too
And help you to learn and grow.
How quickly the years do pass
And one day I will see
 You will be taking your child to class.
I will put my mind at ease for awhile
And cry those tears no more
As I know your teacher will love and teach you the world
When I leave you at her classroom door.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man in my life, my husband, Jay! Now that we are getting older we don't celebrate our birthday's like we used to but the thought of it and letting the kids make you things is more important. We love you and hope you have/had a wonderful day (depending on when you read this). So....
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Daddy, Happy Birthday to you!"
Quinn, Bella, Brinlee and Sarah

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Update

It has been ages since I have posted. Life has been non-stop, as you can imagine. Between the kids taking ISR lessons, 2 recitals, planning their birthday party and the normal everyday things I haven't even gotten to breathe. So I'm going to try to update you with as much as I can, more posts to come as well.

Kids haven been in ISR for at least 5 weeks now. Bella of course was just swimming for fun because she has maintained her skills and is a MERMAID! Quinn has things to work n but knows what he has to do, but just wants to do it on his terms. The other day at my parents house though he was jumping into the deep end and swimming to the steps. I guess there is no more fear of the deep end? Brinlee is stubborn just like Quinn but not as bad. She id progress nicely and was doing really well. I missed her clothes day because I had recital but my Dad said she did very well. We couldn't finish out her last 2 days because of an injury (to be explained later in this post). Brandi did get some cool underwater video of the twins swimming, I am going to make a little video and will post that later.

Brinlee's Injury:
Well last week Friday my parents were watching the kids while Jay and I were working recitals. Long story short Brinlee was told multiple times to stay away from the cook top, of course she wanted to be rebellious and put her hand on it while it was still hot! She burnt her hand, and when I saw her on Saturday it was starting to blister already. My Mom took her to the after hours pediatrics and the doctor said it was a 2nd degree burn and looked good, prescribed her some cream to put on it 2x a day. She has been using that hand but still favoring it. Sunday she was in a little more pain I think, the blister popped in one place so I think that bothered her. We took her to a follow-up with her pediatrician and she said that it is looking good, keep it clean and dry and it will start to heal itself. We just have to watch for infection. The skin will start to peal so that is my biggest concern to keeping to clean because she gets into everything.

CAD recital went very well, long days and I got sick of course. UGH! Friday night I started to lose my voice, and very congested. By Saturday I had no voice for rehearsal or the 2 recitals. Also Friday night I could barely sleep and only got 3hrs of sleep so Saturday I am surprised that I made it through!! I went to the doctor on Monday and I have a sinus infection and am on 2 meds to get rid of it. I am finally starting to feel better and getting my voice back. No real time to rest and summer classes begin today.

Quinn and Bella did amazing in their first recital! I was soooo proud of them, and didn't cry until afterwords thinking about it. I was more nervous than them I think. They did all the steps, went on stage and no potty problems. They both told us they want to do it again!!! I have pictures to come so watch for them.

Other than that just busy as usual. Now time to organize things for their birthday party, get recital props back to the studio, try to clean house, make some crafts to sell at an even in July and somewhere in there enjoy the kids and the pool. They start VPK in August!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HIll's Milestone Photography - Great Deal!

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Follow Me Friday!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

FREE collage at Walgreens

Walgreen's is offering a FREE collage print in honor of Mother's Day! So stop on my Walgreens.com and create a collage print using code: GOODTHOUGHTS Good thru May 8th perfect for a wonderful Mother's Day gift!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sarah's Update...and then some

Had my check up today for my ablation surgery. Everything went really well and he expects good results, won't know for sure since I will have discharge for up to 2 weeks, then have to wait and see next month what happens and months after that as well.

Also during my check up I got to see pictures of the before, he still has to find the after pictures, but they all look like Mars to me LOL! He did find a cyst, and I could feel where it was too. He was going to order a sonogram for me for it, but decided to do it right there in the office since it seemed to be about 5-6cm. Well measuring on the sonogram it's 7cm! Clear fluid which is good for now. He said that this is something that needs to be watched. It could have been a small cyst that was aggravated by the surgery and will get smaller, or could grow larger.

Come to think of it I have had sharp pains there in that same spot in the past few months not thinking anything of it thinking that it was just from my bad cramps, etc. I will go back in 1mo, have a blood test prior to that as well and see if it has grown and then what the next steps are.

I feel good today but have been in a little pain from him pushing on the cyst today. No cramping which is good. I did feel sick to my stomach and I think that is from a bad breakfast, my Mom was awful sick today as well as the twins having the stomach aches.

So I will have more updates on this, thanks for all the support during the last surgery, might have to have another one done too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Monday, May 3, 2010

Surgery Update

Yes I had a small surgery on Friday morning. I have been having very heavy periods and severe pain in my hips each month with each cycle. One of my options was to have the NovaSure Ablation done and I decided this was the best option for me. Despite sinus congestion last week and day of surgery everything went well. My gyno was able to do the ablation, and said it went very well. He wasn't sure if it was possible at first because I had had 2 c-sections and the microwaves from the procedure could have cut a hole in my uterus where the incisions were, if they were too thin.

Apparently our of recover it took me 45min longer than they expected for me to wake up. Hey I was sleeping, enjoying the peace and quiet!! I don't get that. I was about to yell at them when they woke me up shaking my legs. Hello!! I'm sleeping!!!

I went home that day, Jay made me some soup and I slept most of the afternoon. I then sat on the computer and worked on a picture video for work. Didn't do much at all. Saturday the same thing. I was feeling a lot better too! Yesterday, Sunday, I felt fine. We went to a birthday party and came home to make tacos and hung out with my Mom and John and Michelle. Janelle came over with Payton too for a short visit.

I don't know if it's from the surgery or because I was due for my next cycle this coming week, but yesterday afternoon and today I've been spotting/ bleeding a little. I'm not too concerned because I'm not gushing or anything nor and I in pain. If this is what my period is going to be like I'll be happy! I have my post-op appt on Wednesday to see how everything went and ask questions. I'll give you an update after that.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vote for Sarah!


Jay entered me in the Micheal's Most Creative Mom contest on Facebook. Of course with my creative help we put together a video. All we need you to do now is log onto Facebook through the below link and VOTE VOTE VOTE!! You can vote once a day through may 9th! Make Sarah's Mother's Day very special by giving her the most votes so she can win a Micheal's Gift Card, since we find here there a lot. 
Click on this link to go and VOTE: Be sure to tell all your friends to vote as well!!
Here is the video that we submitted with 3 pictures too:

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recipe Blog Update

I updated my recipe blog. A new fresh look to it and I also hope to get more recipes up again soon. I can't stand the pile I have stacking up it's just that I need the time! So come and check out my recipe blog where I am posting all of our family recipes that we like, that I also modify for our liking that I have taken out of magazines, recipe cards from the grocery store, etc. I just hate having all different size papers, loosing them and not having them when I do a last minute dinner, snack, etc at my parents or friends house. This recipe blog allows me to access my recipes that we love from anywhere!!

Check it out at: http://www.yummytummyeats.blogspot.com

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Set for Friday

I had my pre-op today at the doctors office and at Winnie-Palmer for my surgery on Friday morning. I will be having a D7C done as well as the Novasure Ablation. Things went pretty smooth today, even when I had to get blood taken - I didn't faint!! Lots of paperwork of course and things I need to do tomorrow night, that will not be fun.

Please keep me in your prayers Friday morning that everything goes well, no complications and I can eventually be pain free each month! I will let you know how everything goes on Friday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Funny Video

Ok found this video today and definitely put a smile on my face. Love watching Mr. Bean videos they are just too darn funny!! Perfect for the summer coming up too. The ideas they come up with for his skits are awesome, enjoy this video!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

365 Project Blog

I decided to to the 365 day project blog for us. So come join us at http://www.cone365.blogpost.com I will post a picture taken each day starting from our wedding date April 9th, and a little something about that day. It will be interesting to see when we go back next year to see and remember what happened. So don't forget to come and join us there! Click on the blog link!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brinlee and her first ER

Yes you read that right Brinlee had her first trip to the ER this morning. While picking up in the kitchen for the day, which I wanted to get out the door right after breakfast to get the tires rotated then back home to get things done, Brinlee had to hurt herself!

Jay was out getting milk since we go through it like water runs in the faucet. I hear her screaming in her room. I go in there and she has her finger smashed in the hinge of the cabinet door on her dresser! I had to 1/2 close the door to get her finger out. She had the door all the way open and her finger was squished in between!!

She wouldn't let me touch it, put ice on it or anything. Poor thing was shaking, screaming and then was ok for a little bit until she looked at it, tried to move it or saw the blood starting. It was cut on top and underneath. I called Jay told him what happened and said I was taking the kids to my parents so I could take her to the ER, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't broken. Jay had to go to work, so I put the twins shoes on, in jammies and headed up to my parents house.

My Mom came with the the ER with me, since Brinlee can be a handful in these situations. She was terrified of the ER, or letting anyone touch her. We got right in since it was around 8am so it was nice. Freezing the the darn hospital though come on! Of course you have like 50 people coming in to talk to you, I don't even know who was the doctor. They gave her a bag of goodies and she LOVED the stickers. I think we played with those for 45min, and watched Playhouse Disney.

While waiting for the x-ray people to come for her they gave her some Motrin finally for the pain. By that time she was getting tired and it knocked her out, YES! Bad for my arm though. It was good timing even though it took a long time because she slept through the x-rays. Hard to x-ray those little fingers!

Good news is that nothing was broken, just the skin was cut really good and swollen. They don't know about the growth plate in the finger. The doctor said she will favor that finger for a few days, if she is still not moving it or really favoring it mid-week to do a follow up with the pedi. So we spent a few hrs at the ER, wasn't too bad I do have say.

We cleaned and bandaged up her finger, and tonight she took a bath with the stuff off of it and seemed very happy! I think she will be fine and hopefully learned her lesson of where NOT to put her fingers. She is definitely our little explorer!

Here are some pictures:

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