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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brinlee and her first ER

Yes you read that right Brinlee had her first trip to the ER this morning. While picking up in the kitchen for the day, which I wanted to get out the door right after breakfast to get the tires rotated then back home to get things done, Brinlee had to hurt herself!

Jay was out getting milk since we go through it like water runs in the faucet. I hear her screaming in her room. I go in there and she has her finger smashed in the hinge of the cabinet door on her dresser! I had to 1/2 close the door to get her finger out. She had the door all the way open and her finger was squished in between!!

She wouldn't let me touch it, put ice on it or anything. Poor thing was shaking, screaming and then was ok for a little bit until she looked at it, tried to move it or saw the blood starting. It was cut on top and underneath. I called Jay told him what happened and said I was taking the kids to my parents so I could take her to the ER, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't broken. Jay had to go to work, so I put the twins shoes on, in jammies and headed up to my parents house.

My Mom came with the the ER with me, since Brinlee can be a handful in these situations. She was terrified of the ER, or letting anyone touch her. We got right in since it was around 8am so it was nice. Freezing the the darn hospital though come on! Of course you have like 50 people coming in to talk to you, I don't even know who was the doctor. They gave her a bag of goodies and she LOVED the stickers. I think we played with those for 45min, and watched Playhouse Disney.

While waiting for the x-ray people to come for her they gave her some Motrin finally for the pain. By that time she was getting tired and it knocked her out, YES! Bad for my arm though. It was good timing even though it took a long time because she slept through the x-rays. Hard to x-ray those little fingers!

Good news is that nothing was broken, just the skin was cut really good and swollen. They don't know about the growth plate in the finger. The doctor said she will favor that finger for a few days, if she is still not moving it or really favoring it mid-week to do a follow up with the pedi. So we spent a few hrs at the ER, wasn't too bad I do have say.

We cleaned and bandaged up her finger, and tonight she took a bath with the stuff off of it and seemed very happy! I think she will be fine and hopefully learned her lesson of where NOT to put her fingers. She is definitely our little explorer!

Here are some pictures:


This Little Family said...

I did the exact same thing when I was about 4. It was on my middle finger on my left hand...and the fingernail actually fell off!

Anonymous said...

awww hopefully she'll be back to normal soon... okay, maybe less into exploring for your sake though!

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