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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sarah's 30th B-Day Minute to Win It Games

OK so here are the games we are going to attempt to play...If you are lucky enough to be reading this before the party, you can see what game you'd like to play. Alright got all the videos embedded. I can't wait to see if we can actually do these. Ready for a good time and laughs? You bet!!

*All of these games are from the NBC Minute To Win It Site*

Don't Blow the Joker

Keep It Up

Spoon Frog

Face the Cookie

Extreme Hanky Panky

Scary Cherry

Stack Attack

Johnny Applestack

Keep the Change

Tweeze Me

Bulb Balance

How's it Hangin'

Penny Hose

Suck it Up

Noodling Around

Separation Anxiety

Chocolate Unicorn

Dizzy Mummy

Movin' on Up

Elephant March

Nose Dive

What a Racquet

Office Dominoes*We will do this one with CD cases, 15-20 of them and a garbage can*

Caddy Stack


High Strung

Magic Carpet Ride


Stick the Landing

Rapid Fire


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