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Monday, December 27, 2010

Potty Training once again

Well its that time when I am sick and tired of changing DIAPERS! It's time to start potty training Brinlee and we will then be done with diapers...woo hoo! She has not wanted to sit on the potty, she screams and throws a fit, nothing like the twins who were interested. I thought she would since she sees them use the potty all them time.

We are going to start today, it will be a huge shock for her and a very long and traumatic week for me. Bring on the alcoholic beverages to get me through LOL! I have to take her to the pedi for an appt, then home to say 'bye' to the diapers and put on big girl panties and start the running to the potty, wetting and messing up the panties until we get it. Of course because of my wonderful couponing skills and stockpiling I am stocked on cleaning supplies for the floor. I'm sure I will need it. At least it's only 1 this time and not twins. I don't know how I did it 2 yrs ago?!?

I will try to keep you updated on how it's going and when we are fully potty trained! I can't wait, can you tell?


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