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Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Tubes and speech Therapy

I wanted to update our family and friends on what has been going on with Quinn. Since he started talking I thought there was something different. He could never completely sound out words correctly. Some he could and some he couldn't. I know boys develop slower than girls so we waited. After talking to the pediatrician she suggested he see an ENT and get a Speech Evaluation done. After waiting forever to get an appointment we have some answers.

The outcome is after seeing an ENT specialist he was given medicine to try to clear out the fluid in his ears, which he didn't want to take at all. We went back for a re-check and his tympanogram (sp?) in his right here was flat line, and the left was just a hump. They are supposed to show a huge spike. Basically the way they explained it is that he hears things muffled as if he is under water but much thicker fluid, or when you are in an airplane. The ENT Dr. said that after 2mo the fluid in his ear should have gone away if it was just an ear infection, but with it being there still, and this test showing this it's not going away with any help. So he will have surgery on Nov. 11th to get tubes put in. We hope this will help as well as help his speech.

Quinn had to go twice for the speech evaluation. The first time showed that he was right where he needs to be, but the specialist in the articulation wasn't there so they wanted to bring him back to be screened again and more thorough since she couldn't understand him when trying to get him to talk in sentences. So we went back and the articulation test showed that is his below average for his age. She had to ask me, or look at me to see what he said. She was very good with him! His speech evaluation through the school board (ESE)shows that he is slurring his words and leaving off the endings. As well as the middle of the words not being correct. This could be due to his ears as well, she said that the tubes will help with therapy too! So we are waiting to hear about our meeting with the zoned school, and he will have speech therapy in addition to VPK. So another appt. to work into the week. At least we caught it early enough and with the tubes being put in we hope to see a HUGE improvement. (I'm hoping this will help the meltdowns we have too!) Other than that Quinn loves school! He goes there very shy but comes out with a smile ear to ear!!

I will keep you all posted on how the surgery goes and the speech therapy. We hope it all goes well!


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