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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sarah's Update...and then some

Had my check up today for my ablation surgery. Everything went really well and he expects good results, won't know for sure since I will have discharge for up to 2 weeks, then have to wait and see next month what happens and months after that as well.

Also during my check up I got to see pictures of the before, he still has to find the after pictures, but they all look like Mars to me LOL! He did find a cyst, and I could feel where it was too. He was going to order a sonogram for me for it, but decided to do it right there in the office since it seemed to be about 5-6cm. Well measuring on the sonogram it's 7cm! Clear fluid which is good for now. He said that this is something that needs to be watched. It could have been a small cyst that was aggravated by the surgery and will get smaller, or could grow larger.

Come to think of it I have had sharp pains there in that same spot in the past few months not thinking anything of it thinking that it was just from my bad cramps, etc. I will go back in 1mo, have a blood test prior to that as well and see if it has grown and then what the next steps are.

I feel good today but have been in a little pain from him pushing on the cyst today. No cramping which is good. I did feel sick to my stomach and I think that is from a bad breakfast, my Mom was awful sick today as well as the twins having the stomach aches.

So I will have more updates on this, thanks for all the support during the last surgery, might have to have another one done too.


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