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Christmas Eve: December 24th Christmas Day: December 25th!! Kids go back to school: January 4th

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

What a great Christmas we had this year! We went to Disney for a few days with Nanny and Gramps before Christmas. The kids nad a ton of fun and so did we.

Christmas Eve and Day were very relaxing but I think they were a bit overwhelmed by the toys. They didn't know what to play with first! Busget was tight so we did get a lot of things ourselves for the kids through Freecycle, and they love all of them.

We hope that you all had a great Christmas with your familes. Please take a look at some pictures that we took. I hope to update our website and keep up on out Bolg some more. There is always way too much to do around here and I can enver get to everything I want to get done!

I took a ton of pictures so here are a few of them with some video.
Christmas Eve/Day:
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Disney Trip:

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ice Box

Wow has it gotten cold these past few nights! BURRRR! I'm sure htose of you up north don't thinkt hat 60 degrees is that cold, but I'm freezing this morning. The kids are walking around the house with no socks on, barefoot, and I'm getting colder just looking at them. I think fall/winter has arrived, well at least for a few days. It's supposed to warm up for Halloween so taht will be good for the kids.

I realized that I should ahve turned on the heat last night, poor Brinlee when she woke up this morning her hands were cold! I didn't put a blanket on her since she slept in her own crib last night. And through the night too. So this morning I wrapped her in a nice warm blanket :)

Those of you who are up north, stay warm, I'm sure you are laughing at my post. I better go make some breakfast for me and the twins, though they will tell me, "No, I'm not hungry Mommy."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Cookie Monster'

Well just wanted to share Bella's fascination with 'Cookie MOnster.' First of all I relaly don't know how she even knew who Cookie Monster was. We don't watch Seseme Street, so how she knew who he was is beyond me. We do have Elmo books and the talking Elmo, humm? Anyway she has this fascination with 'Cookie Monster' for Brinlee and her diapers. The diapers have the Seseme Street characters and when she helps change Brinlee with me, she MUST go through all the diapers and pick out Cookie Monster! So needless to say it takes 5 min just to get a diaper on Brinlee!! When there aren't any in the bunch, she goes through it again, can they make them all with Cookie Monster? She did this with her diapers until we switched to Huggies from Papmers, but now the fascination with BElla and her diapers is that she MUST have 'Mickey and Minnie'. OH how I can't wait until she is in undies. But then again I'm sure she will want a certain pair each time!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hot Potato Hot potato...

Here is my newest item in my stores! It's the 'Just Right' Potatoes Sack.

What a perect way to cook those poataoes easy, fast and YUMMY! This bag will do it right in your microwave, even your kiddos can do it :)

Your potatoes will come over very soft, hot, moist and of cours very yummy. You will get a bag and a laminated instructions card as well so you know exactly how to use the bag, and the card won't get ruined. The picture is just an example, I have all sorts of prints to fit your style. The bags are $6ea. plus shipping. http://www.simplecreations.ecrater.com/ or http://www.mommyauctions.com/stores/2scoops

Also why don't you try Tu-Ars Gourmet Seasoning. This a great addition to your Sack to perfectly season your potatoes! Check it out here: http://tuarsseasoning.webs.com/index.htm

Friday, October 10, 2008

Birthday Sale! 20% off!

Woo Hoo! In celebration of my Birthday coming up I'm going to offer 20% off (before shipping) on any orders that are "Buy Now" only. I figured why not spread the joy of my Birthday and offer everyone discount!! We all love a sale.

Do not pay with direct pay, wait for your edited, detailed invoice to be emailed to you.

Rundown of Details:
20% off your entire purchase that is "BUY NOW" before shipping
Runs from October 9th-October 18th ONLY
Payments must be received by October 18th 11:59pm EST
This offer also includes custom orders....just email me.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We did it!....maybe?

OK well today Bella went stinkies in her diaper. I always tell them yucky and that they need to do that in the BIG potty. She wanted her diaper off and a Pull Up on, I said 'No not until you go in the big potty.' So she ran to the potty real fast and had me prop her up there. Well....she did a tiny nugget! I mean it was smaller than a dime!! She was so happy and said 'bye bye' to it and flushed the toilet.

So yes we got to put a Pull Up on. Later on in the day she went stinkies in her Pull Up so I put a diaper back on her. She threw a huge fit!!! I walked away. 5min later she comes to me with a Pull Up in hand, Quinn was asking for it, and I asked her "Did you take your diaper off?" and I lifted up her skirt. NOPE...she took off her diaper and put a Pull Up on HERSELF!!! Well can't yell at her for that.

Are we finally on our way to Potty Training? My oh my I hope so!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well it's finally Ocotber and Halloween is approaching! Yes we ahve our family theme all set and comstumes are almost done.

We are going as: Wizard of Oz
The troup is as follows:
Jay: Scarcrow
Sarah: Dorothy
Quinn: Tin Man
Bella: Lion
Brinlee: Toto

My Mother and I sewed some of the costumes and everything is looking great. there are a few more things that I need to do to get everything finished. I can't wait to take a picture. We don't have any parties to go to, but will take the twins Trick-or-Treating. They enjoyed it last year!!

Quinn doesn't like to try on his costume and neither does Bella. Ugh! I hope they will wear them on Halloween. However Bella likes to put on her play lion mask and QUinn like to waer the funnel on his head. Crazy kids, just getta get teh whole package together now. When I get pictures taken they will be posted on our website.

Only 29 more days!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Handmade Items!!

As you can see I'm making boutique bows, headbands and flip flops. I'mr eally loving it!! Please be sure to check out my 2 places that I'm selling the bows and other things. I have a webiste store at: http://www.simplecreations.ecrater.com you can order directly from here and I can ship to you.

Or you can chekc out my auction site/store here: http://www.mommyauctions.com/stores/2scoops Here you can bid on items or purchase with buy now. I offer gently used kids clothing as well. A great way for you to get a deal or pass on my links to someone you know!!

I'd love to get more orders so please, please, please pass them on! I have more exciting Unique Things coming so be sure to check back often. I am trying to offer a little bit of everything in both places :)


Repeat after Me

We we ahve a definate repeater in the house. Bella! She loves to just repeat everything that you say. Especially when Quinn gets into trouble she will say, "I spank you butt." Even words that I wouldn't even thinkt hat she would be able to say, they come out so clear!!

Quinn on the otherhand mumble-jumbles his works together. You really ahve to listen to figure out what he is saying or wants. Maybe it's just a boy thing, not sure. Though when you figure out what he wants you get the 'happy laugh and dance.'

It's just a challenege now to get them to actually SAY what they want rather than just whine and point to something. We ahve our tantrums about it, but slowly we are making progress!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Woven Headbands that I make!!

WOW! aren't these cool?

I have just added some to both of my stores, my ECrater Store and on Mommy Auctions. These are woven headbands that I hand make and can be matched to any outfit. They can fit children and adults. I have a lot of fun making these and it's something I can do while watching the kids :) If you know of anyone who would like them tell them to visit one of my sotres where I ahve them lsited.

I hope to get the girls at the studios to buy some and get my name out there to make a little extra money. I enjoy being creative and it's my way of just relaxing! I know youa re thinking "How does she have time for all of this?" I don't know, so don't ask, I just try to fit it into my day, yeah I probably put other things off but I need my MOMMY TIME!!

Tantrum Phase!

Well we are starting the tantrum phase, oh yes! When we don't get what we want, the other one has a toy, etc. let it loose. I'm surprised that our neighbors don't wonder what is going on here with all the cry, yelling, screaming etc. The poor baby, I don't know how she sleeps!!

We are slowly getting a handle on it, and I finally have a few moments to type in our Blog, Ihope to keep it up as much as I can with what little time I have so please keep checking back :)
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