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Christmas Eve: December 24th Christmas Day: December 25th!! Kids go back to school: January 4th

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Well it's Christmas Eve morning and I'm wide away at 5:45am!! Why? Who knows. Everyone is sound asleep and here I sit. So I figured I would do a blog entry. It has been a rough week but I am hoping today the kids will be good for Santa to return tonight with their gifts. We are going to track Santa on NORAD, which I have already been doing! Also on my phone too! We are going to make sure we set out cookies and milk for Santa, head up to my parents for an early dinner, then go to Christmas mass at church, back up to my parents to open gifts there. After that we will all head back home to sleep at our house, put out cookies, say farewell to Murry, our new adopted elf that will watch over us next year and report to Santa himself. Then off to bed for the little ones.

We will then work our 'elfy magic' to help Santa put out gifts, and put a few together. Which reminds me we better go get some much needed batteries and garbage bags! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their family and friends. I do miss my family up north and can not wait to see everyone next year when we visit. I also miss performing in the Nutcracker too! I watched a 2000 video last night and felt 'CFB homesick.' Well time for family now and can't wait to see the kids faces tonight and tomorrow!! I am very blessed with the family that I have, even when I complain that they are bad.

With much love, have a wonderful Christmas!!
Picture/video will come soon!


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