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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our San Fran and Disneyland Trip

This vacation have really flown by! Why do they have to go so fast and never have enough time? I just wanted to post a few pictures for everyone to see what we have done. Already halfway through our stay I've had to dump both SD cards, one 4GB and one 8GB! Lots of pictures and videos. So here are a few pics from San Fransisco and from Disney.

Jay being Jay!

AT&T park.

At the pier by the baseball field

We are here!

Bay Bridge

Jay and Adam walking in the street. They closed the street for the day so residence could walk, bike, run, etc.

I would never be able to do this on a regular day.

Bella's store! This gelato was awesome!!


We saw the sea lions!

Before we walked up.

On our way up!

We made it down! Then had to walk more down Lombard!

Golden gate Bridge. We were too tired to walk all the way there.

On the Cable Car!

We got to meet up with Chris! So great to see him after 7yrs!!

We made it to Disneyland!

We feel like GIANTS here, everything is sooo small and compact.

Can you find the castle?

They are still doing it the old way, handstamps when you leave the park!
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