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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family Update

It has been ages since I have posted. Life has been non-stop, as you can imagine. Between the kids taking ISR lessons, 2 recitals, planning their birthday party and the normal everyday things I haven't even gotten to breathe. So I'm going to try to update you with as much as I can, more posts to come as well.

Kids haven been in ISR for at least 5 weeks now. Bella of course was just swimming for fun because she has maintained her skills and is a MERMAID! Quinn has things to work n but knows what he has to do, but just wants to do it on his terms. The other day at my parents house though he was jumping into the deep end and swimming to the steps. I guess there is no more fear of the deep end? Brinlee is stubborn just like Quinn but not as bad. She id progress nicely and was doing really well. I missed her clothes day because I had recital but my Dad said she did very well. We couldn't finish out her last 2 days because of an injury (to be explained later in this post). Brandi did get some cool underwater video of the twins swimming, I am going to make a little video and will post that later.

Brinlee's Injury:
Well last week Friday my parents were watching the kids while Jay and I were working recitals. Long story short Brinlee was told multiple times to stay away from the cook top, of course she wanted to be rebellious and put her hand on it while it was still hot! She burnt her hand, and when I saw her on Saturday it was starting to blister already. My Mom took her to the after hours pediatrics and the doctor said it was a 2nd degree burn and looked good, prescribed her some cream to put on it 2x a day. She has been using that hand but still favoring it. Sunday she was in a little more pain I think, the blister popped in one place so I think that bothered her. We took her to a follow-up with her pediatrician and she said that it is looking good, keep it clean and dry and it will start to heal itself. We just have to watch for infection. The skin will start to peal so that is my biggest concern to keeping to clean because she gets into everything.

CAD recital went very well, long days and I got sick of course. UGH! Friday night I started to lose my voice, and very congested. By Saturday I had no voice for rehearsal or the 2 recitals. Also Friday night I could barely sleep and only got 3hrs of sleep so Saturday I am surprised that I made it through!! I went to the doctor on Monday and I have a sinus infection and am on 2 meds to get rid of it. I am finally starting to feel better and getting my voice back. No real time to rest and summer classes begin today.

Quinn and Bella did amazing in their first recital! I was soooo proud of them, and didn't cry until afterwords thinking about it. I was more nervous than them I think. They did all the steps, went on stage and no potty problems. They both told us they want to do it again!!! I have pictures to come so watch for them.

Other than that just busy as usual. Now time to organize things for their birthday party, get recital props back to the studio, try to clean house, make some crafts to sell at an even in July and somewhere in there enjoy the kids and the pool. They start VPK in August!!!


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