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Christmas Eve: December 24th Christmas Day: December 25th!! Kids go back to school: January 4th

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The look of Cheer!

Oh yes my favorite time of year I changed up the look of our blog!! Isn't it awesome? I used a kit from MK Designs, her stuff can be found at www.shabbypickle.com for all you scrapbookers out there. It was very cheerful and bright and goes well with the Christmas music that I have for our playlist too.

Well I better go and get the tree decorated, I hope to get out of the house tonight and get a good meal if we can find someone to watch Finna to give her her meds every 2hrs. Long story there, I had a very rough day yesterday and today so I think I need a good meal and a drink! And even better...we have gift cards!

Till next post....Love you all!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Update Here

Thought it was time to do an update for everyone. The holidays are approaching and as always a lot going on. We are getting very excited that my Mom will be finally moving down after 5yrs of not living down here with us. It is said because she is being laid-off from her job, but we will have our family all together! Sorry Quinn and Bella no more airport trips.

Twins: They have been doing good. They are loving their dance classes tremendously, having fun and participating without Mommy in the room. They are currently learning a little holiday dance to show parents the last week of classes before break. Of course I'll videotape and post! Nanny will be able to watch them every week when she is down here and I know they will like that. Quinn has a major attitude that has to be adjusted, or should I say temper! We never want to clean, help pick up, eat and just throw tantrums. I know it's the terrible 3s, but come on! We are slowly getting better, time-outs are happening more often. Bella is little miss bossy! She doesn't like it when she is asking Jay something and I answer for him she says, "Mommy I was talking to Daddy!." OK! When Quinn is bad she is little miss goody-2-shoes. They are both growing fast, as I just cleaned out their closets and drawers and they have like no clothes! Anything 3T is still big but 2T is too small! I do have to say even with their attitudes lately they are very SMART!! They are going to do great in school.

Brinlee: She is progressing so fast! She wants to do everything the twins are doing. She is picking up very fast, even though she can't talk. We are trying to teach her some sign language to help with the understanding of what she wants. She does babble a ton now, and last night she really was saying Mama A LOT!! Her new things she likes to do is play in the toilets, the dogs water bowl and eating crayons! So bathroom doors are now Always shut and trying to keep the crayons out of her mouth, I'm sure we'll see some interesting poopies. She plays well with the twins, and Bella loves to play with her. I am wondering how she will do when the twins go to school next year?

As for Jay and I pretty much the same old stuff. I am teaching now 6 days a week, and trying to get Christmas events/choreography done while also trying to organize and find music for recitals already. I am glad I have this next week off but probably won't get much done...I hope to do the Christmas decorations, clean up the house, bake some cookies for our studio open house, make some bows, and have fun when my mother comes into town at the end of the week! Then come December a lot of Christmas shows with the studios, parades, and wonderful family vacation I'm looking forward to in Dec because Adam and Judy are coming into town too!! Then right before Christmas I'm going in for foot surgery on December 22nd! What a Christmas gift for myself huh? I have to get my bunion fixed, it's been hurting constantly now, and better to get it done before the end of the year. So a long 3mo recovery, with the first 2 weeks doing nothing. Hope that goes well! I will try to keep you updated too.
Jay will be busy with the next week of doing LightHouse installs. Yea for Christmas time! This is our favorite time. He has about the same amount of clients as last year, we are hoping that within the next few years the business will grow.

Be sure to watch HGTV the day after Thanksgiving for a special from Disney. We went to the cast preview of Spectacle of Dancing lights and HGTV was there filming! We might get on we don't know. You won't be able to miss the girls with their BOWS!! At the preview too we got to meet David Bromstad from Color Splash! He is so nice, I wish he could come do a room in my house PLEASE?

I think that is it for now, I will be updating the theme of our blog of course to Christmas soon, yea for a new look and some new slide shows soon too. Sorry for the long post, had to update you on a ton of things.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Having fun with Michelle and John

SO back on Oct 10th, I know a little ways back we went to Disney with John and Michelle. We had a really fun day at Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom! OMG was the day super duper HOT!!! It was like 94 out plus humidity, we were dripping. We went on the safari, Kali River Rapids, yes the twins were tall enough and loved it....Nanny you get to go on it next with them! We then went to MK did Dumbo, Race Cars, Carousel, It's a Small World and watched SpectroMagic. Bella was excited to see Minnie 2 times that day!! We had a lot of fun!! and Mommy too TONS of pictures, so many that I have to post 2 slide shows!!! Here you go enjoy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanks Aunt Marlene!

Aunt Marlene sent the kids so fun gifts for Halloween, they love their backpacks, containers, Pez dispensers, robes and everything else! Also thanks for the Red Lobster GC, I can't wait to go eat a yummy meal!!! Here are some pictures...

Halloween 2009

OK I know I posted out-of-order but hey it's posted right? Anyway we had a great time this year for Halloween. Quinn and Bella had a blast running door to door ringing the doorbell to get their candy. It took them awhile to say "Trick-or-Treat" but by the end of the night they did. Quinn even said, "Come on Mommy, I need to get more Candy!"

Brinlee got tired towards the end of the night, and so did Mommy and Daddy. She didn't want to ride in the wagon at all so our arms got a great workout from carrying around 20lbs all night! By the end she was ready to go again...LOL!

They got gift cards to McDonalds from Nanny and Gramps and loved looking at all the candy they got. We got back to Gramps house, had dinner and spent the night. Here are some pictures of the evening, enjoy!

Fun at Fort Wilderness

SO on Sunday November 1st we went to Fort Wilderness to meet some friends, Tracy and David who were staying there. They had a fun little Open Cabin, food, and fun times. It was even warm enough to go swimming, yes swimming! It was 89 out and hot, so off to the pool we went. The kids had a blast in the splash pool, I think we were in there for 2hrs straight and had to pry them away from the pool. Here are some pictures.

Learned something new today!

So I found BRinlee up on the couch, hummmm....she doesn't know how to climb yet, maybe I am wrong and now I'm in trouble!! The video is a little hard to see at first, but it's funny!!

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