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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just Keep Saving, Saving, Saving...

Yes I know I haven't posted on here in a long time! Better late than never, busy times here. Anyway had to share my wonderful savings today!! Are you ready? I had to go to Publix for a few things, mostly the BOGO and did extremely well, you gotta love those BOGO deals topped with coupons and then those that also have competitor coupons as well...A STEAL!

For everything you see in the picture, minus Bella and Brinlee my total was:
Without in store savings/BOGO/coupons total would have been: $99.62
Special Price Savings: $41.09
Vendor Coupons: $16.65
Store Coupons (Competitors coupon from Winn Dixie for $5 off $50 or more): $5
Total Savings: $62.74
I had a giftcard as a gift: $20
So my total OOP was: $16.87!! Still without the giftcard my OOP would have been only $36.87

My items in my cart were:
(* = Coupon, BOGO= BOGO offer, ^= Sale)
Hot Dog buns
2 Bic Lighters BOGO **
2 6pk Orville Popcorns BOGO **
2 Ritz Munchables BOGO **
1 Danimals yogurts *^
2 Ragu pasta sauces ^
2 Jimmy Deans Sausages BOGO *
19 Yoplait yogurts ^ ***
2 Chex Mix Cereals BOGO *
2 Lays Potato Chips BOGO
2 Crisco Oils BOGO **
2 Mulluers Pastas BOGO ***
4 2ltr Publix Sodas ^
2 Musclemanns Applesauces BOGO
2 Publix Sweet teas BOGO
1 head lettuce
2 Sunmaid Raisins ^ *
2 Fantastik Cleaners BOGO **

I want to thank my most amazing, talented, thoughtful boss, Jamie for the Publix giftcard, it was put to really good use!! If you want to know how to save like I did here, saving more than you spend, sign up for one of my Cre8tive Couponing classes or ask about holding a Cre8tive Couponing Party! Believe me it's worth it, don't believe me ask those that have taken my class, you can save more than you spend. My pantry and stockpile is STOCKED, I think I need another pantry to hold even more!


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