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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I need my 'TOOTISE ROLL'

Well Brinlee has been doing great with her potty training. We had 1 day where we had accidents right and left. However we are getting the hang of it and haven't had a diaper on in a week! We have little accidents but, we are learning. We decided that after she goes in the potty she gets a 'Tootsie Roll' as her reward. At first she didn't even want to sit on the potty but this seemed to do it. Well now we are second guessing ourselves...now she just wants to sit on the potty to get a Tootsie Roll!!

After time she now goes on the potty, she can climb up herself and go, and tells us wen she has to go!! We are struggling with the poopies on the potty but I know that is scary. I think in about a month we will have it down.

Yesterday we spent the day at the parks and we had NO ACCIDENTS! She told us when she had to go and we went. There was one time when we were not near a bathroom, about 5mi from one and she asked. Of curse she didn't get in trouble for that accident. She loves her Dora Pull-Ups!

The end of the DIAPER TUNNEL is near, I can't wait and probably will celebrate when we have no more diapers in the house! However I will be sad at the same time as all of my 'babies' are growing up!!
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