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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Marlene - Get Well Uncle Dan!

The kids made a video for Uncle Dan to get better. Hes was in a motorcycle accident and the twins decided to mostly make a dance video to cheer him up!!

Also we wanted to wish Aunt Marlene a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!

Here is Brinlee sharring her LOVE!!!

More Walking, and Brinlee really into her Toys

So I wanted to post a few pics. I really hurt my neck this past weekend, I have a severe muscle spasm in my neck. I litterally couldn't move my head at all yesterday and had very strong spasms. I was in a ton of tears at the doctors office. I got a shot in the booty and 2 meds to take. I can't work for 2 day and see him again on Wednesday. I feel a lot better today, but I am still very much sore!!

Anyway I took these pics of Brinlee. The first one is her sitting and watching TV. She looked so darn cute!

Here is Brinlee this morning playing in her play area but really Getting INTO Her Toys!! Silly Monkey!

And some more video of Brinlee walking. She is definately on the move now since she knows how to walk. She is very fast!! She doesn't think twice about it at all now. I'm afraid I'm going to be in BIG TROUBLE once she figures out how to run!!!

A visit with Payton

So on SUnday Brinlee was 13mo and Payton James turned 1 week old and we went to meet her! Our friends Andy and Janelle had Payton on August 16th, 2009 weighing 10lbs. 2oz. We made a short visit on Sunday to meet her and welcome her.

Brinlee wasn't too sure of Payton, but then wanted to touch her. She was kinda wondering why Mommy was holding another baby...I got that LOOK! QUinn and Bella weren't too sure but were more interested in Andy and Janelle's fish.

Here are some pictures of us with Payton!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

We are Walking Strong

Brinlee is definately a walking baby now! We took this video back on August 14th, 2009 when she finally decided to start walking and was sooo excited. She really enjoyed walking back and forth between Daddy and Bella.

As of today, August 22nd, 2009 she is walking all over the house. She does have the drunkn' baby walk but she is FAST! I see in no time she will be chassing the twins around the house. She still definately crawls around, but is really walking more and more each day. She is amazing be a lot. She is even starting to try to communicate with pointing to things too that she wants. I see sign language to start up so we can understand what she wants until she can talk.

Enjoy the video!

Dive on IN!

Well here are some videos and pictures from a few weeks ago of Bella practicing her dives. She loves to dive into the pool! Quinn likes to just splash and then sit on the sidelines and watch. Bella is getting really really good and I feel like we might see swimming lessons in our future with a swim coach?!

First Dance Class cont.

Here are some pictures from their first dance class. I have added some more and got a slideshow going as well.


Here are the videos, you'll enjoy my Dads and my own comentary as you watch these videos. Being a dance teacher why is it always our kids that dont' want to do anything? But maybe at recital Bella will be like me on my first recital TELLING the others what to do! (She is 'Miss Boss lady' by the way at home)

New Look!

So I took the time while the kids were napping, and Jay to update our Blog with a NEW LOOK! I wanted something different, re-arranged things and added some things too. I hope you enjoy it, I will be adding new posts and pictures homefully tonight too!

We miss family dearly and hope that you keep checking back to see what's going on. And to our friends too!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Great Video!!

So Jay got this video from our friend. It's by Evian water and a great commercial! Watch out because Brinlee is ready to learn this routine and break down some moves. Maybe CAD will have a Baby Main Attraction or PEDC will have a We-Mini Company?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Their First Dance class....... Alone!

Well yes it's OFFICAL the twins had their first dance class WITHOUT Mommy teaching! THey are enrolled at CAD taking the Foundations class with Ms. Melissa. I am not teaching them because I want them to have someone else teaching and be able to interact with other kids.

They were very excited about going, and Bella loved her new leotard, she actually picked it out and wanted NO skirt! Quinn could care less but was totally happy. They werent too sure when their names were called to go into the class. Quinn walked right up, and Bella was about to cry but told her that Quinn was going and I would be watching in the window. As you will be able to see in the pictures she held her hands by her face, most of the time.

They did really well. It took Bella about 20min to actaully warm up and enjoy herself. Quinn...LOL he just the HAM of the class. You will be able to see when I get the videos up that he was happy with the jumping, rolling and fun stuff.

I think as the weeks go by they will definately do better and really get into it. Bella saw the pictures and video to day and said, 'Yes I want to go again.' I asked her what she wasn't supposed to do next week and she said, 'Rub my eyes.' I'm not making them go, if they want to take they will. It's so weird seeing them take class, I can still remember my first class at ADC. How time flies....

Here are a few pictures, I will upload the rest to Photobucket and post a link tomorrow, there were too many to post.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yummy Tummy Eats

Well it's been busy at the Cone household. But wanted to let you know that we are still alive, just busy as usual. I recently had my computer crash and am very frustrated but will get over it and everything eventaully will be back to normal.

I was cooking the other night and going through recipes and hate that they are all over the place, so I tried figuring out how I could keep them all in 1 place and not loose them. there are many software programs out there, tried them, but I can't access them from my friends house, parents house, etc. So I figured I'd make a Recipe Blog! Wow!! So I'll be working on it, adding recipes as I go at my own leisure. THis way I have access to them and you can too!

Once everything is set up I will post a link to it, as well as put it in my sidebar.
So keep checking back.

OK here is a link: http://yummytummyeats.blogspot.com

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day at Disney's Animal Kingdom

We spent the afternoon at Disney today. I wanted to ge tthe kids out of the house, we spend way too much time here and this was a FREE thing to do. (That's all we can afford right now). So away we went in the afternoon when it wasn't as hot outside, only 95 degrees!

We first went to the Safari, and the twins weren't too sure, but as soon as they saw the animals and could take pictures with thier cameras, Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie, they were all into it. I have posted pics below in this post for you. We got to see, hippos, giraffes, warthogs, cheetahs, and much more!

We then took a train ride to Rafiki's Planet watcha nd saw reptiles, a hawk, and Bella took a picture with Jiminy Cricket. We also went into the petting zoo! Bella petted a sheep, Quinn just wanted to look. Then we went back on the train and we were on the hunt for Minnie Mouse.

Well....we found her! Yes, I can't beleive it we actually got to take a picture with Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse without crying, being scared or anything! She even gave Minnie a hug and mIckey too. Quinn also did! I think we have broken the ice and they are starting to like the characters. I asked if they wanted to see Goofy, and it was a definate NO.

So after that we went home. It wasn't a lot that we did in the park but enough to enjoy the afternoon and get away. That's what I love about being down here, gets my mind off things, and away from home.

Do the 2 step!

OH YES we are starting to take steps without holding onto things!! Brinlee, our baby is no longer a baby, but turning into a little toddler, litteraly! I'm so sad. Last night Ms. Brinlee got brave enough after some coaxing and took a few steps. She is still cruising by holding onto things but now getting brave enough to let-go and try a step or two. You can see in the video she claps for herself too!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top 10

Taking some time for myself and joining in on TDR Blog Assignment!

My top 10 highlights of the summer are...

10. The beautiful weather we have in FL.
9. Getting glasses so I can read!
8. Getting my van fixed/up to date so it won't break down.
7. Almost halfway through a book, that I can't put down!
6. Brinlee smiling every second, even inbetween cries!
5. Seeing Bella really swim all by herself.
4. Having my Mom here for 2 weeks, spending time with her.
3. Teaching wonderful students.
2. Seeing Quinn and Bella roll-play.
1. Celebrating Quinn and Bella turining 3 and Brinlee turning 1 with family and friends.
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