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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Launch of Discovery

Well sicne they scrubbed the inital launch last Wednesday that we were going tog o see, we couldn't make it to the caost for this one today that actually happened. But living in Fl and Kennedy Space Center not too far away we got to see it from our house.

Jay called me on the way home from an errand and I had both twins on the potty, and Brinlee playing on the floor. I turned on the TV with 12 seconds to launch. So I got them to run outside to see it naked. LOL! Quinn ran right back inside and I picked Bella up and held her, she wanted nothing to do with it!

Hopefully next time we can get out to the coast to see a launch ebfore there are no more. At least from Clermont we can get a great view and picture from our front lawn. Not as good as at the beach, but being able to live this close is even cool! Here's our picture that we took.....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pig on the Pond

For those that don't know Pig on the Pond is a 2 day festival here in Clermont. They have a ton of Bar-B-Q, not my cup of tea, and other food items for sale by local resaurants, schools,etc. There is also crafters, music, and canival rides for the kids. The twins didn't go on anything becuase they are still too small and scared. We go to just walk around, enjoy the people and food. The kids had a blast riding in their wagon, then dancing and running around.

It was a nice evening get-a-way. Quinn was still sick with the sniffles, not too much coughing anymore. We stayed until the fireworks and they HATED those! Quinn was shaking. Poor guy. Brinlee actually watched them though, I was surprised.

We dropped Gramps off at his house and Quinn wanted to spend the night, but Bella wanted to come home. So right now I'm here bloggin' and Bella and Daddy are asleep in her room, Brinlee is in her crib and of course Mommy is up doing Mommy Time! Don't you just love it? Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a Mama DAY!

What can I say it's a MAMA day! Brinlee has said her first word very loud and clear all day long.....MAMA! She knows she is saying it now, I didn't count it before when she was just babbling but now she knows she gets a reaction from me and it's very clear. Watch the videos of her and you won't miss it. My little 'sweetheart' is growing up!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Potty Oh Potty

Well we might be on our way to potty training, at least one of the twins. Yesterday Bella woke up with a dry diaper and made it through the day with a DRY diaper until the evening. I told her that if she keeps her diaper dry the entire day she will get a big lollipop. It seems to be working for the most part. She will go on the potty #1 and #2 but now it's just catching and teacher to tell us when she has to go.

Quinn on the other hand doesn't want to even think about it. Yes he will sit on it, thinking he will get a sucker/lollipop but wont do anything. I guess it's a boy thing. Hopefully we can get Bella potty trained, and he will follow through.

I'm hopeful, trying to encourage them everyday!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cone Kids Cookies

Well today I told the twins we would make COOKIES! So on with the aprons and chefs hats and off to baking we go! Below is a video of the twins Cooking Show.....ENJOY!

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Mommy's Sadness

Well I was just thinking while this video downloads...it has been 1 week since I stopped breastfeeding Brinlee. Ugh, I know it had to come to an end at some point, I would not breastfeed her for years like some do, it's just not for me. But knowing that I am officially done, makes me sad that I won't have that bonding anymore with her, the one-on-one that only a monther and baby would have. Also knowing that we aren't having anymore children.

No I'm not in tears, killing myself over it, just had the thought and am a bit sad. It is nice that I was able to breastfeed her for 7 months, she healthy and very happy and the cuteset baby EVER! Well she's mine so I can say that LOL.

Brinlee and I do have a special connection, she just lights up, or should I say cries of joy when I walk in and just wants me. She is definately a Mommy's Girl and we love hanigng out together. She really makes others feel bad, especially Daddy, poor guy.

Well this is just another milestone in hers and my life to always remember, my baby is growing up!

A New Ride

Well a lot has gone on sicne I last posted, so I'll just post the things that have happened recently. I know I'm getting behind again!

Brinlee's 2 teeth are coming in pretty fast and chewing on everything. She also has a little cold I think because her nose is running like crazy!! Poor thing, but she is still sleeping through the night. Her newest news is her new carseat that Nanny & Gramps bought her. She is no longer in an infant carrier seat, she was getting very heavy to carry! She is now in a big one that will take her up to 100lbs. I would post a pic but I first have to get it off of my phone (who know when that will happen).

Brinlee has been saying 'maaa...ma." However I don't think she know what she is actually saying. It's cute because Bella will go up to her and say it, and try to get her to say it. It's very cute to watch.

Bella and Quinn have been their usual selves. At each other throats, playing together, or getting in trouble. Ususal! Bella loves holding a conversation with you, after she warms up if you are a stranger to her, other than that she is definately a talker. Today she lined up all of her bikes, cars, bubble blowers, etc. outside in a straight line on the sidewalk to the front door. She called it her "Drive Thru."

Going to put together their 'Baking Video' I will post it soon.
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