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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Please help me win! I entered the Glade design a candle contest. Please help me WIN!! Follow the link and vote vote vote for my design. I called it 'Presence of Peace' definitely what I need around here some days. If I win they will make it for purchase in all stores. Woo Hoo!!
Please vote everyday, I need all I can get!


Monday, September 6, 2010

2 Days 2 Rooms

Yes in 2 days we painted 2 rooms and swapped the kids over. The girls got Quinn's room and Quinn got the girls rooms. Took 1 can of primer to cover everything in each room. I really didn't think we would accomplish this in 2 days, with most of the work today on Labor Day. Thanks to the help of our good friend Derby we got it almost all done. Our house is a complete mess again, but just because I have to put all the toys back into their rooms. At least the girls will have more room, and more closet space, it looks really cute.

We aren't done with the girls room yet we want to add crown molding above the stripes that we painted, but no money for that. In time that will come next. Quinn's room still needs specialty paintings on the walls by me and both rooms need the curtains yet. My mom should be finished with those this week.

Yes I do have pics, I will post them later this week when I'm not so exhausted! The twins came by today, they were staying at my parents house so we could get things done, but they stopped by to take a 'peek' at their rooms and seemed to really like them in the 'in progress' stage. It will be nice to see their faces tomorrow when they see them done, well 90% done.

OK better go finish organizing toys, and picking up so I don't trip over things in the morning and kill myself!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kids Update

A quick note, check out the kids school blog to follow their first time through VPK. I have scanned and posted the papers that they have brought home so far. They think it's neat to see them up on the blog. I am going to update what they do weekly, adding what they tell me that is new each day to a weekly post, but check it as often as you like. And when they bring home papers and projects I will add those too their 'Papers' pages.

Gotta think of something for Brinlee so she doesn't feel left out. Ok enough for tonight, I'm not feeling well and need to go get some rest. Enjoy their blog!

You can find it here: http://www.coneschooldays.blogspot.com
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