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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday COLD!

Well waht a day. Yes it's COLD in FL!! A low of 23 last night..BURRR!! Today has een a great day inside, I've gottent hings done, the kids have been fairly good playing and enjoying tehir time with Daddy who is off durning the day and is working tonight. He has been very nice at letting me have some time to myself.

I have been practicing making blinkies and siggys, and am loving it! Please join us at Chubby Cheeks Graphix to pick up a FREE siggy or blinkie. The line is short! You can always request me too if you'd like. Send your friends as well. All the ladies do a great job.

I also just made the twins FIRST dentist appointment today, they go in 1 week I hope they don't freak. They love brushing their teeth so I think they should do fine. It's another fear to hopefully get though or dread. I will let you know next week!


Sami said...

I always laugh when I hear about it being cold in Florida. It was -7 here last night with the wind! lol and there has been snow & ice on the road for days!

Good luck with the dentist!

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