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Friday, February 13, 2009

Toothful Day!

Well yesterday the twins went to the dentist for the first time! I kept telling them that they were going to tickle their teeth. So when we got there they weren't too scared. Quinn played with puzzles and cars and Bella enjoyed the puzzle while she was waiting. They also had a movie playing.

When it was their turn to go in, I went in with both of them but they did one of them at a time so Bella waited in the lobby with Gramps and Brinlee. Quinn sat on my lap and laid back for the hygienist to brush his teeth. He hated it, which I am surprised since he loves me brushing his teeth and he likes to brush his. The only thing I could think of is that he wasn't standing up. He has a little bit of gingivitis so we need to brush his teeth and gums morning and night. He was happy when it was over.

Then it was Bella's turn, she wasn't too sure of it either, and she cried but at least listened to the hygienist and opened her mouth but then resisted. Her teeth looked good and she did a lot better than what I thought!

The dentist said that Quinn has some gingivitis and that will go away with brushing his gums some more, also he has great teeth, nice and spaced out as well. He had one indentation that she put some concentrated fluoride in to fill it. Bella's teeth were just the same well spaced and aligned. She said they have the same overbite which looks really good for their age.

They got to take home their toothbrushes and a little toy fish. They were excited about that. We took a picture on the way out, I will post those later this weekend. When we got home Bella said, "Mommy dentist tickled my teeth!" It was too cute. They go back after their 3rd birthday for another check-up. At that time we will try letting them go back by themselves, their is even TVs on the ceiling for them to watch - how cool is that?


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