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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Information Weekend

Well since I'm wide awake at the wee-hours of the morning I figured it's the right time to sit here in the quiet house and update you on our weekend full of activities! Saturday we went to the parks and had a blast the biggest new on that day was that Brinlee started cutting her first 2 teeth! Yes 2! Her bottom front teeth have started to break the gums. She has been cranky, drooling, bitting, etc. Well I saw them and I htink this means too taht the breastfeeing will be ending very shortly. However I don't think she has a problem with that.

Sunday we spent most of the day taking pictures. Our friend Michelle came over and did a big photoshoot with us and the kids. She took TONS of pictures, I think more that what she thought she was going to take. We didn't even do all the poses we wanted to. The kids did great, and wore us all out. You can check out her website and our pictures at: www.hillsmilestonephotography.shutterfly.com You can't miss our kiddos!

Monday Brinlee tried apple juice for the first time and of course loved it. She was very crany and gassy. She also seem constipated so I figured maybe some juice would help. Of course she didn't reject the juice, come on! She is progressing nicely with her foods and now just a touch of juice is in the mix. A growing girl.

Oh and another thing that I forgot to mention Bella says something so darn cute...she was watching Brinlee play on her little piano, and Bella calls it the 'pino.' Too stinkin' cute!!


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