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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh what a Day!

Well let me start with yesterday....

Went to work and it was a rough day just because I was tired and had a headache. Starting choroegprahy for recital already and I didn't have a creative move in my body. I hate that! Well afterwards I picked up Hubby at home and we headed up to my parents house to have lunch witht he kids and pick them up (they spent the night). Then we went to see some friends of ours that were ahving a garage sale beacuse they are moving out of state. Then on the way home we decided to try to book a photo shoot for Brinlee's 6mo pics and a V-Day pic. Can you totally say Last Minute?!

Well we got a 7pm appt. and it was already 3:30pm. We got home and of course the creative Mommy in Me said, "I NEED to make bows to match their outfits!" So yep I sure did make Bella 2 bows, Brinlee 1 matching one and Brinlee another bow for her 6mo. picture. (I'll attach the pics at the end). Can I say the pictures turned out GREAT! I wanted to buy about 5 of them but that was not in my budget. We got her 6mo picture and 1 VDay picture of all three kids. There was no fighting, crying, hiding faces...I thought I died and went to heaven! I guess that's the outcome you get when you take them at night, it's quiet there and you bribe them with Suckers and McDonalds LOL!

I came home with an aweful migraine and of course the twins just wnated to run around, Brinlee wasn't happy but everyone went down fairly well. I crashed hard of course!


I didn't want to get up this morning at all. Plus with getting up late, twins trying to eat cereal, Jay getting ready for work and Brinlee who woke up at 4am, I wasn't ready to leave for church by the time my Dad came by. We made it out the door, but when we got to church PACKED! We got the last 3 seats. It was a long mass, Quinn was getting tired of standing, Brinlee wanted a bottle and Bella tried to complain about everything. We made it through though.

Back home I did get some things done. Twins were the typical toddlers: playing, fighting, screaming, etc. They are all currently down for naps YES! So that's why I'm blogging right now since I have a few minutes. I have a huge list of things I would like to do, I'm attacking a few of them so I guess you could say I'm making progress.

Here are the pictures from yesterday. Have a wonderful day!


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