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Sunday, March 8, 2009

A New Ride

Well a lot has gone on sicne I last posted, so I'll just post the things that have happened recently. I know I'm getting behind again!

Brinlee's 2 teeth are coming in pretty fast and chewing on everything. She also has a little cold I think because her nose is running like crazy!! Poor thing, but she is still sleeping through the night. Her newest news is her new carseat that Nanny & Gramps bought her. She is no longer in an infant carrier seat, she was getting very heavy to carry! She is now in a big one that will take her up to 100lbs. I would post a pic but I first have to get it off of my phone (who know when that will happen).

Brinlee has been saying 'maaa...ma." However I don't think she know what she is actually saying. It's cute because Bella will go up to her and say it, and try to get her to say it. It's very cute to watch.

Bella and Quinn have been their usual selves. At each other throats, playing together, or getting in trouble. Ususal! Bella loves holding a conversation with you, after she warms up if you are a stranger to her, other than that she is definately a talker. Today she lined up all of her bikes, cars, bubble blowers, etc. outside in a straight line on the sidewalk to the front door. She called it her "Drive Thru."

Going to put together their 'Baking Video' I will post it soon.


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