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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Cookie Monster'

Well just wanted to share Bella's fascination with 'Cookie MOnster.' First of all I relaly don't know how she even knew who Cookie Monster was. We don't watch Seseme Street, so how she knew who he was is beyond me. We do have Elmo books and the talking Elmo, humm? Anyway she has this fascination with 'Cookie Monster' for Brinlee and her diapers. The diapers have the Seseme Street characters and when she helps change Brinlee with me, she MUST go through all the diapers and pick out Cookie Monster! So needless to say it takes 5 min just to get a diaper on Brinlee!! When there aren't any in the bunch, she goes through it again, can they make them all with Cookie Monster? She did this with her diapers until we switched to Huggies from Papmers, but now the fascination with BElla and her diapers is that she MUST have 'Mickey and Minnie'. OH how I can't wait until she is in undies. But then again I'm sure she will want a certain pair each time!!


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