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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hot Potato Hot potato...

Here is my newest item in my stores! It's the 'Just Right' Potatoes Sack.

What a perect way to cook those poataoes easy, fast and YUMMY! This bag will do it right in your microwave, even your kiddos can do it :)

Your potatoes will come over very soft, hot, moist and of cours very yummy. You will get a bag and a laminated instructions card as well so you know exactly how to use the bag, and the card won't get ruined. The picture is just an example, I have all sorts of prints to fit your style. The bags are $6ea. plus shipping. http://www.simplecreations.ecrater.com/ or http://www.mommyauctions.com/stores/2scoops

Also why don't you try Tu-Ars Gourmet Seasoning. This a great addition to your Sack to perfectly season your potatoes! Check it out here: http://tuarsseasoning.webs.com/index.htm


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