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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Handmade Items!!

As you can see I'm making boutique bows, headbands and flip flops. I'mr eally loving it!! Please be sure to check out my 2 places that I'm selling the bows and other things. I have a webiste store at: http://www.simplecreations.ecrater.com you can order directly from here and I can ship to you.

Or you can chekc out my auction site/store here: http://www.mommyauctions.com/stores/2scoops Here you can bid on items or purchase with buy now. I offer gently used kids clothing as well. A great way for you to get a deal or pass on my links to someone you know!!

I'd love to get more orders so please, please, please pass them on! I have more exciting Unique Things coming so be sure to check back often. I am trying to offer a little bit of everything in both places :)



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