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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ice Box

Wow has it gotten cold these past few nights! BURRRR! I'm sure htose of you up north don't thinkt hat 60 degrees is that cold, but I'm freezing this morning. The kids are walking around the house with no socks on, barefoot, and I'm getting colder just looking at them. I think fall/winter has arrived, well at least for a few days. It's supposed to warm up for Halloween so taht will be good for the kids.

I realized that I should ahve turned on the heat last night, poor Brinlee when she woke up this morning her hands were cold! I didn't put a blanket on her since she slept in her own crib last night. And through the night too. So this morning I wrapped her in a nice warm blanket :)

Those of you who are up north, stay warm, I'm sure you are laughing at my post. I better go make some breakfast for me and the twins, though they will tell me, "No, I'm not hungry Mommy."


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