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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We did it!....maybe?

OK well today Bella went stinkies in her diaper. I always tell them yucky and that they need to do that in the BIG potty. She wanted her diaper off and a Pull Up on, I said 'No not until you go in the big potty.' So she ran to the potty real fast and had me prop her up there. Well....she did a tiny nugget! I mean it was smaller than a dime!! She was so happy and said 'bye bye' to it and flushed the toilet.

So yes we got to put a Pull Up on. Later on in the day she went stinkies in her Pull Up so I put a diaper back on her. She threw a huge fit!!! I walked away. 5min later she comes to me with a Pull Up in hand, Quinn was asking for it, and I asked her "Did you take your diaper off?" and I lifted up her skirt. NOPE...she took off her diaper and put a Pull Up on HERSELF!!! Well can't yell at her for that.

Are we finally on our way to Potty Training? My oh my I hope so!


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