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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well it's finally Ocotber and Halloween is approaching! Yes we ahve our family theme all set and comstumes are almost done.

We are going as: Wizard of Oz
The troup is as follows:
Jay: Scarcrow
Sarah: Dorothy
Quinn: Tin Man
Bella: Lion
Brinlee: Toto

My Mother and I sewed some of the costumes and everything is looking great. there are a few more things that I need to do to get everything finished. I can't wait to take a picture. We don't have any parties to go to, but will take the twins Trick-or-Treating. They enjoyed it last year!!

Quinn doesn't like to try on his costume and neither does Bella. Ugh! I hope they will wear them on Halloween. However Bella likes to put on her play lion mask and QUinn like to waer the funnel on his head. Crazy kids, just getta get teh whole package together now. When I get pictures taken they will be posted on our website.

Only 29 more days!!


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