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Friday, April 2, 2010

Washer update 2

Here is an update....

ON Wednesday I called Whirlpool and they are sending me property damage forms so I can get a check for the mattress pad. Meanwhile I call back the repair place to get them to order the part needed. Well now their distributor doesn't have the part and they need to try to get it from Whirlpool, which could take 7 days. WTH? I have 3 kids and no working washer. (He said we could use it but I'm not risking a flood in my home.) They will call when it comes in, and they have to take the entire washer apart to repair. Though he doesn't even know what was missing? Strange to me.

So I then call Lowe's and talk to the appliance people, tell them the story. Even tell them I can bring the pictures in. The guy was very understanding and said that he is getting a shipment in tomorrow (Thurs), will check them all then call me Thursday and hopefully get a swap out with a new one on Friday! He said you can't be without a washer with 3 little ones. THANK YOU!! I can't wait to do laundry again!!

Thursday...Never got a phonecall, so I called back and left a message because the guy I spoke to was gone for the day. Great! Good thing was that we were out for half the day with my parents celebrating my Dad's birthday and my Mom took some of our laundry home to wash for us.

Now here it is Friday, almost 1 week without a correct washer, and called Lowe's and no one is in yet. UGH!! I'll let you know what happens.


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