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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crafting Day

Well today I was in a crafting mood. So I tired to get the twins to do a craft, making yarn bowls. At first they were very excited about it, helped me pick out what colors they wanted, cut the yarn, etc. Anyway when we got to dipping the yarn in the glue...FORGET IT! They didn't want to get their hands dirty or sticky. So, you guessed it, I ended up doing the project! Bella ended up handing me the yarn and which colors she wanted but that was about it, Quinn just wanted to go play his video game.

I don't think that they will turn out, they are drying still. I think I needed to let the yarn soak in the glue longer, and I only had so much glue. Here are some pictures....

Then later today while they were all napping, including Jay he needed to sleep before going in to work tonight, I decided to make myself a purse. I'm in a sewing mood. I really want to sew a mei tai but don't have enough fabric or the right kind. Darn!! So I made this reversible purse for myself, and I just finished an organizer that goes inside of it, no picture of that. But here it is, Quinn was my model that volunteered!


Robyn said...

Cute!! Nice job!

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