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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Rewind

Well the Birthday craziness has ended in the Cone Family household. The cake has been eaten, the presents opened, the smiles recorded and the memories have been canned up for rememberance. We had a great time, even in these hard times.

Quinn and Bella turned the BIG 3 and brinlee turn the BIG 1! If you weren't here to celebrate with us we missed you dearly. We started out by letting Nanny and Gramps taking the kids on Friday and they spent some time at Magic Kingdom and at Old Key West Pool with the Englers. They had a blast. While they were having fun, Jay was working hard and Me well I was fighting with frosting. I was baking all 3 cakes to save money, NOT TIME! They turned out FABULOUS though...'Watch out Publix!' Then we all met at OKW to have a nice dinner in, put party favors together and relax.

Then on Saturday it was PARTY TIME! The day started out great, but then of course when it was time to go to the park it started to rain, or should I say POUR! So we sat in the car for about 30min. There was another party going on at the pavillion and taking up all the tables, so yep Mommy went over to ask for at least 2 tables. (At least they were nice). It poured, it stopped, it poured again but we enjoyed our family and friends. We had food, cake, the park, some crafts, presents and most important the friends that we love that came to celebrate with us!!

Then come Sunday, it's Quinn and Bella's 3rd BIRTHDAY! (We also celebrated Brinlee's too of course!) We went to Disney's Yacht and Beach to have a character breakfast. It was very yummy!! The twins wanted to take pictures of the characters but not be near them or take a picture with them. Brinlee was terrified, go figure my kids like them from afar but not next to them. Emma LOVED them and wanted to take pictures with them all morning!!

After breakfast we went to Epoct and walked around. We saw the Nemo ride, all the fish, turtles, stingrays, etc. We saw figment and played in the jumping waters too. It was a lot of fun. After a few hours in the park we decided to go and eat at a local mexican restaurant and then go back to Nanny and Gramps and go....you guessed it Swimming! What a day to wrap up the Birthday Day!

You can see a slideshow of all the pictures in the right sidebar!


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