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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bow-utiful Night

Last night I took some time for myself to be creative. The kids went down around 8:30pm with Brinle falling asleep in the saucer, but easily went to sleep in her crib...for a few hours lets say. Quinn was a cranky mess! With no nap yesterday it was defiantely bedtime! Bella of course wanted to act like an 'angel' because her brother was getting in trouble.

So from 8:30pm-10:30pm I set up my craft table and off to work I went! Jay went to work on ideas for Light House so I had some time to make the girls bows adn watch 'Next Food Network Star'. I first worked on Birthday bows for Bella, she still actaully fits into her 18mo Birthday Girl' t-shirt so I made her some pink/white birthday bows to wear all next week. She was so proud of them, she got to see them before she fell asleep - oh and she told me she wanted 2 BIG BOWS!! That's my girl.

I then worked on matching bows for Bella and Brinlee to wear at their party that matched their birthday summer dresses. I was very happy that I had ribbon to match and enough. With these hard times, I haven't bought any ribbon in MONTHS :( THey turned out so freakin' cute!

So to make all 5 bows, clean up, etc. They took me about 2hrs. Not bad! So of course I'm in the mood to make more bows, they are time consuming but when I'm in that zone I go to town.

After I was of course done, took some time on lovely Facebook, Brinlee had to wake up. Poor thing is teething her 2 top 1yr molars. So some Infant Tylenol and some cudding did it for a little bit, then she fell asleep on the floor. Of course then when I put her back down, Bella has to wake up because I turned off her tv. So I got to bed at 1:30am. But I got their very 'Bow-utiful' bows done! I know you are asking...'well I want to see PICS NOW SARAH!' So here you go!


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