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Friday, October 9, 2009

New Changes

Ok so I've neglected our blog for awhile. I am hoping to this weekend or week to change up our blog to a fall theme, add a few posts etc. The newest addition right now is we have a Chat Box on the left sidebar! Leave us a message, ask a question, etc. Just another fun thing. Kids have been busy with being 3yr olds and Brinlee is definitely 'On the Move!' They are loving their dance class, Bella is very technical and Quinn is just there to be the class clown and have fun.

Jay is still working on SODL at the studios and can't wait to get back onto day shifts. He is also starting to do estimates for LightHouse and if you know anyone who is looking, or yourself please contact us: info@holidaylighthouse.com

I am of course busy with the kids and still teaching. Fall festival is right around the corner so I'm getting my students ready for that. I think I have found a fall festival fun day around one of the owns here that we will take the kids to. They have a pumkin patch, hay rides, face paintings, etc. I still ahve to finish up Bella's costume and of course I'm making the girls some halloween bows that I hope to finish today.

So be back soon to check out the 'New Look' it's will be very fall-ish!!!


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