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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eating Machines

Ok so on Tuesday nights after the twins have their dance class, my Dad picks them up at the studio and takes them to his house until I am done teaching that night. Well he feeds them dinner and this is what they ate tonight:

Bella had:
Soup (Two helpings!)
Broccoli and Cheese
Two Jelly Sandwiches!
Then a sucker followed up with popcorn!!

Brinlee had:
Broccoli and Cheese- She practically the whole package!
Then she drank a full cup of milk
Popped down a number of grapes
Then she had popcorn.

Quinn had:

Ok do you see something here? How does Quinn only eat soup and still have tons of energy? And little miss Brinlee...WOW!! Where does it go? Her stomach isn't even that BIG!


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