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Friday, October 16, 2009

29 years ago today....

I was born! What a great day today was let me re-cap for you....

I woke up at 4:30am with a horrible migraine had was up for 1 hour. I took 3 Tylenol and went back to sleep finally. Thank goodness my headache went away I wasn't sure how I would make it through the day. I had a house that was quiet, Jay got home from work and went to bed since he worked all night and the kids weer at my Dad's house to make me my Birthday breakfast. I got ready for the day, kids called and wanted me to come up right away! So off I went...

When I didn't even get into the subdivision Bella was calling me already! 'Where are you?' I was like 'OMG give me time to get there.' So they were all excited, Brinlee too and saying 'Happy Birthday!' to me. They said they had a surprise for me in the kitchen. They decorated with balloons and a sign, had the table set and everything. Then they said they had something on the couch for me under the blanket. Well....SURPRISE!! it was my MOM!!! It's hard to keep a secret from me but they did, she flew in from Chicago for the weekend for my Birthday! I was literally in tears.

So we had breakfast, Jay came up about 1hour later. I tried waking him up when I left but he was out cold. But he did make it up. They made me eggs, sausage, orange juice and coffee for breakfast. It was good! We played for a bit and then my Mom, Me and the twins went shopping.
We went to Kohls for some new shoes for the twins, and outfits for pictures for Saturday for our Christmas pictures. We then went to Wal-Mart too for a few things. Then we dropped Bella and Nanny off to get Bella's haircut while I took Quinn back to Nanny and Gramps' house. Then it was GIRL TIME. Nanny, Bella and Me went to get a pedicure and manicure. A treat for my birthday. I haven't had one in a long time and it was nice, Bella was really tired but stuck it out and enjoyed just watching, she didn't want her nails done.

We then got chines food for lunch, and was it good. Haven't had that in a really long time. After eating lunch my Dad and Jay spotted something in the lake behind their house. We so couldn't figure out what the heck it was! My Dad even got out the binoculars. Well the bubbles in the water started getting closer to the edge so they went out on the lanai. We still watched for a few minutes trying to figure it out...well....up pops a Scuba Diver!!! We all burst into tears of laughter!!! He was picking up golf balls that were in the lake. So we definately got a good laugh.

We then packed up and came back home to get dinner ready. I picked up a bit, Brinlee took a nap and Nanny and Gramps came later with the twins. I made cheese fondue and chocolate fondue for dinner. It was SOOOO GOOOOD! I actually can't wait to make it again. Bella beat everyone in Wii Bowling, Adam you would be so proud of her! Michelle and Jason came over as well as Any, Janelle and baby Peyton to join the festivities. We had some yummy Birthday cake too, and Oh do I have great pictures of Brinlee with some cake! So cute!!

I do have to say this was one of the best Birthday's I have had, and some great surprises, smiles, laughter, memories and love. Thanks to all my friends who wished me a Happy Birthday as well today, Love you all. I am now summing up my day here with this post, then going to have my piece of cake finally, I had too much fun watching Brinlee and then cleaning her up I never got any. Then it's off to bed for me, I have to work in the morning. (Yeah still have to think about that yet). Then it's Christmas family pictures tomorrow with Hill's Milestone Photography.

Pics will come later so be watching for a new post. Until the BIG ONE NEXT YEAR!


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