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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Minneola Fall Fest - - - WINNERS!

First we went to a Fall Fest at Sweetbay, the local grocery store, they had goodies for the kids, cookie decorating, specials and stuff. They had fun, but we didn't stay long.

We went to the Minneola Fall Fest, CAD was performing so the entire family went, there was food, a small carnival and enteratinment. My students did wonderful for such a tiny stage! There was a costume contest for the kids so of curse I entered in the twins and Brinlee. From the pictures you can see that Quinn was: Peter Pan, Bella was: Wendy (to her TinkerWendy) and Brinlee was: Tinkerbell.

My Mother made the kids costumes, thnks to Emma she let BRinlee borrow her Tinkerbell costume. I of course made some fancey shoes, a matching bow and we customized her wings!! Oh yes she is ready for SPECTROMAGIC! If I had more time the entire costume would have been lit!

For the age group 0-4yrs Brinlee won 1st PLACE!!! They all thoguth they won, they go a basket of goodies, a cool trophy that Quinn had to put in the curio cabinet and a gift certificate to Kandiland Kidz Gym. So cute I must say, she loved those wings, didn't want to take them off at all! WHile my students were dancing she was for sure doing the Brinlee dance on the sidelines and Bella loved watching. (Not sure how the video came out, might post at a later date). We ha a great time, kids had fun....here are the pictures!


Amanda said...

Sarah, that's cool! Congrats to Brinlee! :) They all looked so cute!

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