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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Their First Dance class....... Alone!

Well yes it's OFFICAL the twins had their first dance class WITHOUT Mommy teaching! THey are enrolled at CAD taking the Foundations class with Ms. Melissa. I am not teaching them because I want them to have someone else teaching and be able to interact with other kids.

They were very excited about going, and Bella loved her new leotard, she actually picked it out and wanted NO skirt! Quinn could care less but was totally happy. They werent too sure when their names were called to go into the class. Quinn walked right up, and Bella was about to cry but told her that Quinn was going and I would be watching in the window. As you will be able to see in the pictures she held her hands by her face, most of the time.

They did really well. It took Bella about 20min to actaully warm up and enjoy herself. Quinn...LOL he just the HAM of the class. You will be able to see when I get the videos up that he was happy with the jumping, rolling and fun stuff.

I think as the weeks go by they will definately do better and really get into it. Bella saw the pictures and video to day and said, 'Yes I want to go again.' I asked her what she wasn't supposed to do next week and she said, 'Rub my eyes.' I'm not making them go, if they want to take they will. It's so weird seeing them take class, I can still remember my first class at ADC. How time flies....

Here are a few pictures, I will upload the rest to Photobucket and post a link tomorrow, there were too many to post.


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