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Sunday, August 9, 2009

A day at Disney's Animal Kingdom

We spent the afternoon at Disney today. I wanted to ge tthe kids out of the house, we spend way too much time here and this was a FREE thing to do. (That's all we can afford right now). So away we went in the afternoon when it wasn't as hot outside, only 95 degrees!

We first went to the Safari, and the twins weren't too sure, but as soon as they saw the animals and could take pictures with thier cameras, Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie, they were all into it. I have posted pics below in this post for you. We got to see, hippos, giraffes, warthogs, cheetahs, and much more!

We then took a train ride to Rafiki's Planet watcha nd saw reptiles, a hawk, and Bella took a picture with Jiminy Cricket. We also went into the petting zoo! Bella petted a sheep, Quinn just wanted to look. Then we went back on the train and we were on the hunt for Minnie Mouse.

Well....we found her! Yes, I can't beleive it we actually got to take a picture with Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse without crying, being scared or anything! She even gave Minnie a hug and mIckey too. Quinn also did! I think we have broken the ice and they are starting to like the characters. I asked if they wanted to see Goofy, and it was a definate NO.

So after that we went home. It wasn't a lot that we did in the park but enough to enjoy the afternoon and get away. That's what I love about being down here, gets my mind off things, and away from home.


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