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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Infant Swim Resource Week 2

Well week 1 went really good for the most part. I totally forgot to take pictures. It's different trying to get 3 ready for their lessons, watching, drying them off and then remembering to take pictures :) Quinn had a rough first week trying to get back into it, his skills are there but hates to do it. Bella took awhile to get back into the great floats she was doing, and Brinlee wanted to know 'what the heck was going on!' Anyway the first week was rough but and improvement.

This 2nd week has been great! Brinlee is improving and learning the skills fast, it's so great to see what these kids can learn for survival and ISR is totally worth it!! Bella has done great, and you cans ee in the video. She is loving to swim, Quinn has gotten a lot better, but still needs some brushing up to really streamline his sequences. They loved swimming together and taking turns, I think helped Quinn a lot.

Enjoy the video I put together of pictures and some video. I will have more from week 3 this weekend, then week 4. Ejoy!

If you'd like more info on ISR and what it's about please visit: www.infantswim.com

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