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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cake decorating in my future?

Well Aunt Marlene got the twins cake pans as a gift for being potty trained and doing well is swimming lessons, I have a feeling they are more work for me. But I love it! I decided to go ahead and make the princess one for me, well them too.

I got to test out my cake decorating skills with piping and I think I did a pretty damn good job! What do you think? I am so going to never buy a cake for their birthdays again and jsut make them myself and save money. Yes, it will be more work for me but I know they will totally enjoy it.

We cut into it today, it is very very good. I will never buy the cake frosting in the stores again and only buy the Wilton frosting because it's soooo much better! It's not as greasy. Quinn of course wanted some cake, and only ate the frosting, typical. Bella said, "I can't like cake."

Here are some pictures of the cake I made!!


Sami said...

Wow that looks awesome! What did you do it for?

Mommy said...

Nothing really, just the practice :) I know I'm nuts!

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