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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Behind the 8 Ball

Well it's been a long time since I've posted. THings have been really crazy around here with schedules, getting things done, well what's new right? I'm going to try to update you on what has been going on, I'm sure I'll miss something.

The twins are FINALLY BOTH potty trained! We have been doing really well with it, and they both finally tell us when they have to go. They have had an occassional accident at night but vary rarely. When we are out in public Quinn now has no problem going since his scare with the 'automatic flushing toilets'. No since we have conquered this battle no we have to conquere the tantrums!

Brinlee is getting big. Yesterday she had her 9mo. check up. She is now 17lbs. 4oz. and 27.5 inches long. She is in the 25th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for length. She is doing really good with sitting up, the army crawl and always eating, babbling something and just plain cute! She is teething her 4 top teeth still. The 2 front ones are almost in and the ones next to those are still trying to come in. She is in pain but she is a trouper.

All 3 kids are back in ISR, Infant Swim Resource www.infantswim.com and we are now in our 2nd week of 4 weeks, maybe more. Brinlee is catching on, and doing good. Bella is a natural fish! Quinn...well that's another story. Brandi, their teacher is having a rough time with him, or he is really giving her a hard time. He screams through the entire lesson and doesn't want to do anything. He is completely stubborn. He knows how to swim and float, does really well at it he just doesn't want to do it! I forgot to take pictures last Friday, bad Mommy, so I will ahve some pictures this weekend afer friday.

Other than that things are pretty much normal around here. I am getting ready for Recital to kick in, we are entering our last month before it's here so it's crunch time. This look out of hand right now with the dances but they always come together, I just think the dancers are getting worn out.

That's it for now.


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