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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get on up!

Ok well today was a long day, Brinlee had no nap! The past 2 days she has been on full throddle and not wanting to nap. As I type here she is back up and wide awake with Jay.

So....after feeding her dinner, giving her a bath, I rocked her to sleep. Not kidding SOUNDLY to sleep. Went to lay her down in her crib and UP she is becfore I could leave the room. So I leave the room to let her cry it out, had to do that with the twins. Well she isn't liking it, Jay was changing the twins for bed after their bath. He comes out and says, "You've gotta go look at Brinlee." Well this is what I find......

YES SHE PULLED HERSELF UP TO STANDING!! Little shit! Why do see us having to lower her crib another level already and CIO going on every night for awhile. My little baby is growing up way too fast already and she's not 1 yet! I have a feeling she will be possibly walking by her 1st Birthday. What do you think?


Sami said...

It's a pretty good possibility she'll be walking. lol Keegan was at 10 months and RUNNING at his birthday! She looks really mad standing in that crib! :(

Mommy said...

Wow Sami! She was pissed! She hates going down at night and even naps lately. Yea she was definately pissed, wait till I post the pics from today!!!

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