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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh Warranty

Well good thing we purchased the warranty with our new washer and dryer, een though a 1 yr came with it. I went to wash our cover for our mattress, same size as our king size comforter I just washed. Well I guess it got caught on the rubber gasket that hangs down in the front and shredded the rubber gasket and the pillowtop mattress cover. So I am out a new washer, pillowtop mattress cover and clean sheets till sometime Tuesday!! UGH! I will have a hard time sleeping tonight and nights to come without that pillowtop.

So weird that one fit and the other didn't. I hope that the repairman that Whirlpool is sending will do a great job. I already miss doing laundry...never thought I would say that!

Well I better go and finish cleaning other things around the house. Then have to head out and buy new pillows since ours have hit the dust after 7yrs. Man guess the heavens above don't want me getting any sleep tonight.....what's next?


This Little Family said...

Oh no!!! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

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