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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Look!

Well it was time for a change so yes I re-did our blog as you probably noticed. I will be tweaking it some more, but did the biggest overhaul today while not feeling well. This layout is easier on the eyes, easier for me to update theme-wise, as you know I love changing it for each holiday!

Yesterday was such a gorgeous sunny war day we went and got Easter/Spring pictures taken at Hollis Gardens. You can see a lot of the pictures at the slideshow at the top of the blog. Michelle from Hill's Milestone Photography too these wonderful pictures!! Be sure to check out her website at: http://www.hillsmilestonephotography.com for pricing and to see her work or schedule your wedding or family sitting. She also has a blog at: http://www.hillsmilestonephotography.blogspot.com where she does giveaways sometimes too so be sure to become a follower!!!

Well time to go have some crackers I think for this darn stomach bug I have or maybe food poisoning, not sure. Thanks for checking in!


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