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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Parades

Yesterday was a very long day!! It was the day of Christmas Parades! I had to teach in the morning, and we weren't too sure if the parades were going to happen it was rainy outside. CAD had an open house that day as well. Quinn got his face painted by miss Diane and he was sooo proud! Bella didn't but did get a snowflake on her hand, and Brinlee was a Mommy's girl!

We did end up doing the Clermont Parade, but was it COLD compared to last year. The kids were shivering, and the dancers did a great job with it being sooo cold!! Jay and Scott looked great in their costumes and as always had a blast. I was upset that after I spent hours sewing the lights onto the velcro they didn't work. I made sure Jay checked them after I sewed them, but then they didn't work. Their wagon looked sooo darn cute, and Brinlee stayed warm and got a free ride with Mommy!!

Leesburg parade was interesting and very very long. With it being cold, us walking a long way to step-off and then waiting in the cold. Parade started at 6pm, we didn't step-off till 7:30pm! Unfortunately we had to wait because a float earlier in the parade collapsed with kids on it. I don't know what happened, but that's what we heard and they did get all the kids out. A lot of people left from watching the parade, but there were still lots of brave people supporting out girls and the rest of the parade!!

We didn't get home till 9:45pm after stopping for some much needed McDonald's. We let the kids camp out in the living room on the floor, I stayed with them and it was fun. Here are some pictures from our very very long day!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the beautiful CAD cake. It was almost to pretty to eat. Like how I said almost? It was yummy but sad that we cut into it. Eli aka Katy's mom.

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