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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Launch of Discovery

Well sicne they scrubbed the inital launch last Wednesday that we were going tog o see, we couldn't make it to the caost for this one today that actually happened. But living in Fl and Kennedy Space Center not too far away we got to see it from our house.

Jay called me on the way home from an errand and I had both twins on the potty, and Brinlee playing on the floor. I turned on the TV with 12 seconds to launch. So I got them to run outside to see it naked. LOL! Quinn ran right back inside and I picked Bella up and held her, she wanted nothing to do with it!

Hopefully next time we can get out to the coast to see a launch ebfore there are no more. At least from Clermont we can get a great view and picture from our front lawn. Not as good as at the beach, but being able to live this close is even cool! Here's our picture that we took.....


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