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Friday, April 3, 2009

My Baby Girl is a BIG Girl!

Well I don't want to say anything too soon, but Bella is a BIG Girl now!! We have completed one full day of wearing Big Girl Underwear!! No accidents in them, pee-peeing and pooping in the potty. I was very worried about this, but figured we should try. We even made a 1hr car ride to the airport, she went on the potty at the airport, and when we went out to dinner. At dinner I think we went 4 times!

I'm so pround of her, and she loves telling Quinn, "See I show you." She is in the "Big Girl Underwear" not in "Baby Diaper." We are trying them through the night too, and I hope she makes it.

Quinn on the other hand, only made it 1hr if that. He wanted the diaper back on. I tell ya, boys are all Lazy! Make the women do everything for them. I'm hoping that if she is finally potty trained and he sees her getting her rewards he will follow suite. We have a reward system going for pee-peeing and poopies on the potty as well as other accomplishments they do. Then they can turn in their rewards for things like, suckers, stickers, popcorn, money in their piggy bank, etc.

I will keep you updated on our Bella's Potty Progress!! GO BELLA GO!!


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