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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quick Update: Brinlee Starts Speech

Well after getting Brinlee evaluated, she started to receive Speech therapy. She is in the 7th percentile for her age group as far as articulation of speech. She is scheduled to receive help 2 times a week for 30min at the Elementary School.

Today was her first day, and was very excited about 'Going to School.' I was very proud of her, she was a bit shy with Mrs. Miller, but went in without crying or anything. Phew...first step accomplished. I walked back to my car, I was already parked in the car rider line at school. These crazy parents start lining up before 2pm when school lets out at 3pm!! Anyway....

I sit in my car for about 15min and I see the other speech parents get out of their cars, so I thought maybe they were done already. I see the other speech teacher walking out holding Brinlee and Brinlee is in tears!! Great!! She said that she went into the class just fine, asked to go potty and they took her and she came back to sit in her chair. She got very shy, and started to cry and saying, 'I want My Mommy!' And it kept getting louder and louder!!

Yes I have the emotional child that disrupts the rest of the students. Great! So we are going to try on Thrusday, having Quinn attend Brinlee's speech class hoping they can get her to stay in class without crying, and have a familiar face, and then be able to work on what she needs help with. I hope it works as I don't want to hold her back 1 year, I would rather get her speech under control now.

I hope Thursday will go better. It breaks my hear tto see her coming out crying when she was so confident going in. It also breaks my heart for the other students who had to hear her crying as well as for the teachers.


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