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Friday, November 25, 2011

Maybe ther is Something Special about Christmas this Year?

There must be something special about Christmas this year! Was very happy to help my parents put up their tree spur of the moment last night on Thanksgiving. I dropped everything the past 2 days from crafting for my next show, which I need to do , but instead decorated. Today we put up all of our inside decorations and I feel the spirit of Christmas already. My favorite holiday!

While unpacking all the decorations, I was pulling out the stockings. I pulled our our dog Finna's, and felt something in the bottom. I couldn't figure it out?! So I reached in, and felt something, I pulling it out and screamed at the top of my lungs, 'OH MY GOD!' My Mother came running, the kids jumped, I woke my Dad up out of his almost nap. I screamed again, 'I FOUND IT! I FINALLY FOUND IT! I CAN'T BELEIVE IT!' For the past 3 years we have been missing the key to our Grandfathers Clock. Well yep...I just found the key in the dogs stocking!!

I never thought I could be so happy over a key! I have missed the chimes during the day and the simple clicking of the clock during the night when it was quiet. After searching for it for 3 years, almost trying to find a way to get another key, and also almost giving up on it as well. Last year we didn't put up a lot of decorations because all the kids were still very young, and those hands can be very 'touchy.' I am thinking that this is a very special sign that there is something special about this Christmas this year.


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