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Friday, September 2, 2011

TV Troubles

Well Wednesday night was a testing night. We have been putting the kids down for bed at 7:30pm with brushing teeth and being in bed by 8pm. We let them have their tv's on until they fall asleep, especially becuase of school. When I was little that's the only way I could fall asleep, I know some parents are against it but it works, well sometimes.

Bella begged us for her own room, so we re-arranged almost our entire house in 2 days to give her just that. However now she keeps telling us she doesn't like being alone. Wednesday night we got them down in bed, Jay went to work, normal as any other day. I was up till 11:30pm working on a gift for someone. As usual Brinlee was up (surprise surprise). I started shutting everything off to go to bed, lights, tvs in the kids rooms, etc. As soon as I turned Bella's tv off she woke up crying. I told her, no you have school the tv is staying off, you have your christmas lights on (they go around her window and pretty much light up her entire room). She was sound asleep when I turned her tv off.

Well to make this a short story, she screamed and argued with me for 1.5hrs! This ended her up having her tv removed from her room for a week. She was not happy last night going to bed with no tv. She cried for about 30-40min, and a little whinning, but low and behold slept the entire night in her room, no tv and only her christmas lights on! Humm...Daddy and Mommy were right.

She still asks for the hall light to be on, I told her no, however told her I would get her a flashlight. I hope the rest of the nights will go the same and she learns she needs her sleep. Quinn on the otherhand, slept through the night even with all of the screaming!! He needs his sleep!! He used to be just like Bella and needed the tv on, but I think school is wearing him out.

She is getting a hard lesson but I think in the long run it will be good for her. She strives to be perfect and I think has to realize when you do something wrong you have to pay the consequences. This was even hard for me saying 'No.' But we got through it.


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