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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Date is Set

Well I finally got ahold of someone in Lake County about a speech evaluation for Brinlee. She has been harder and harder to understand lately and I'd rather catch it sooner than we did with Quinn. He has been improving with Speech Therapy and hoping to get Brinlee help 1 year earlier. A few days ago she was trying to tell Jay and I something and we had no idea what she was saying for like 10min. We then asked Bella if she even knew what she wanted and she answered in a heartbeat! I don't know how she understood her!

Since they never called me back from about a month ago, they didn't ahve an evaluation date set until October 14th! So we have to wait a month and a hlaf for her to even be evaluated, then if she qualifies it probably won't be until November that she would get therapy.

I will keep you updated on what we hear from the evaluation.


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